The 1999 Field Day Plan

The West Marin Amateur Radio Society


Name or SourceLocationAntenna
Firehouse RadioShelterBeam
Phelps?Sloping Longwire and 6m jpole
Disaster CouncilShelter2m Beam
Shelter2m J Pole
Loging computerShelterNA

Set Up for the event begins on Friday June 26th at around Noon.
The YLs and XYLs will be coordinatting food service.
Dick and Gus will be operating CW with Gus on low power.
Harold and Firehouse radio will be on SSB.
Paul is interested in operating 6 meters.
We have yet to decide if the VHF/UHF staions will even be a part of the Field Day event
or just used for demonstrations and talk in.
Questions, suggestions, and comments should be directed to KD6ZZM

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