Humm! which Soundcards work?
by Ernie Mills, WM2U.

I have built this page after receiving a request of Greg Heath, KB2QQM, to compile an OnLine list of Sound Cards which are known to have been successfully used for what are now dubbed as the Sound Card Modes. He had noticed a pattern of regular help requests appearing on the PSK reflectors enquiring about the suitability of various sound cards. Since he has been solely responsible for the collection of all the material on this web page and I, the mere Web Master, I would like to thanks him both for myself and the Hams world wide, who find this page helpful. Thanks Greg. Ernie WM2U

Hi everybody. I am trying to compile a list of compatible sound cards that folks can use to enjoy PSK31. I am compiling a list for Ernie wm2u. Just email me what you are using. Also It would be nice to see what kind of systems you are using it on. So send me these items:

  • Operating System (win95, win98, Linux, winNT etc.)
  • Speed of Computer (mhz)
  • Amount of Ram (8mb, 16mb, 32, 64, 128 etc)
  • Sound Card Type (Soundblaster16, AWE, JBL, Wavetable etc)
A lot of people have been posting the lists this compatible?.. Ernie and his website are happy to add a page detailing Soundcards that are OK to use, and any problems encountered. We just have to get the info first.. Thanks for your time in helping. Sincerely Greg KB2QQM. email me here at home at [email protected] 73 and enjoy! de Greg KB2QQM

Platform CPU Speed RAM Comments Info from..

Creative Labs Soundblaster 16 PnP

Creative Labs Soundblaster 16 bit win98 266mHz 64mb Works on all programs once levels set up.
Creative Labs Soundblaster AWE-32

Creative Labs Soundblaster AWE-64

Creative Labs Soundblaster Live! MP3+.PCI

"It works great" Fred
Creative Labs Soundblaster Live Value win98se 400mHz 128mb "It works great using the WinRadio" Dean
Creative Labs Soundblaster 128 win98 700mHz 128mb Compaq, ADM 7 Earle
Crystal PnP Audio System

CMI 8330

This unit is built on motherboard
ESS Soundcard

Ensoniq 16bit ViVo90 Wave32 Win98 SE 200mHz 64mb running:TrueTTY, PSK31, CwGet, SSTV and Hell Ernie, WM2U

OPTI 82C931

Dell Latitude LT NT-4

This is the on motherboard soundcard of the Dell Latitude LT Steven Friis, WM5Z
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live Value Millennium 933mHz 128mb No trouble experienced at all. Ernie, WM2U
MFJ-1275 Soundcard/interface MJF Win7 ? ? No trouble experienced with the Flex 5000A. Bill, N5BRY

If your sound card is not listed here, John, WA9ALS has an excellent soundcard page at WriteLog Soundcard Survey Results Thanks John.
Check out this sound card evaluation web site by Rich, 4X1DA. called  PCAVTech Sound Card Technical Benchmarks Test Ratings Comparison
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