Misc Pictures near the DMZ



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Camp Sitman, sent by Spec. 4 John Taylor
Company A, 2nd. Eng. close to RC 3 , 1969

JSA Area Pictures

NK Soldiers

That is North Korea at the far end of the bridge

JSA Area, 1958

DMZ MPs with NK Soldiers on the dividing line in the DMZ

To be able to drive them with the very long gun
tubes, they retracted the tubes back about 10 ft
to help shift weight to the rear while moving

Big 175MM, M107 for L O N G Shots

Munson-ni 1959

North Korea, as seen from the DMZ

The Turkey Farm

Some pictures from the 1960 President Eisenhower visit

(provided by Tom Johnson, who was a MP with the 1st Cav in 1959-1960)

Those 2 big artillery guns in the background are M65 Atomic Cannons

Tom Johnson

DMZ Area Maps

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Pictures of Korea during the 50s

Pictures of Korea during the 60s

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