Pictures of Korea from 1960-1961

Down Town Seoul, 1961

This is Seoul, along the river in 1961.

I was stationed at Camp Casey Sep 1960 to 61 as a Truck Driver, and on the day that Gen Park Chung Hee took over the Korean Government, I was sent to pick up a Sgt at the MP Station at Casey. He told me we would be going to a airfield south of Seoul to pick up some Priority Cargo. He was in his web gear and carrying a M3 45 cal Sub-machine-gun, as were the MPs in the 2 Jeeps that were going with us. As we headed south towards Seoul, we saw more and more Korean Troops marching and setting up sand bag emplacements. As we got close to Seoul, the larger intersections had either tanks or machine guns setup. This is when I asked the Sgt, are you sure these are South Koreans? He assured me they were.

We went through Seoul without any problems with the MP lights flashing, and arrived at the airfield and loaded some large wood crates. Going back North to Casey I had a MP Jeep in front of me, and one in back of my truck, and a Sgt in the cab. The MP Sgt told me to follow the lead MP Jeep, and to for no reason to stop for anything. He said if anything gets in our way, push them out of the way. When we arrived back at Casey, I backed up to the 7th Inf Div HQ, and they off loaded it.

I never did find out what the cargo was for sure, but rumor at the time was since there was a coup d'état, the US Military had shipped some new TS Communications Equipment to be used by the HQ Units, in-case the new South Korean Government became not friendly to the US Interest.

I had just turned 18, and this was burnt into my memory forever.

This is a Korean Tank in Seoul during the 1961 Coup

A typical Bus of that time frame up near Cp Kaiser (Unchon-ni)

A Village up in the area near Camp Kaiser. As a Truck Driver,
I drove from Cp Casey to Cp Kaiser often in my M211 2 1/2 Truck.

That is the bridge you crossed coming from Cp Casey,
then turned to go up through the Chinese Tunnel

This is the Chinese Tunnel, viewed coming from Cp Kaiser.

The MSR was gravel from Cp Casey Gate 2 North.

This Little Piggy Went to Market

A small village up near the Chinese Tunnel

The younger generation in Korea doesn't
have a clue what there parents had to do.

The road between Camp Red Cloud and Camp Casey.

Uijongbu 1961

Uijongbu Bus 1961

Typical house in the country 1961

Uijongbu Street 1960-61

Uijongbu view from hill in 1961

The Village of Chung on the out skirts of Seoul

The Village of Pangol

Tongduchon in the 1961

GIs on road march near Uncheon (old name Unchon-ni)

This is highway 37 just east of Chon-gok in 1960

The older generation did what was needed to survive.

Waiting to load on the Troop Ship at Inchon to go home.

Packed like sardines

Most of us went home in these Troop Ships till around 1970

These were the C-124 double decker cargo plane that we flew on in the early days when we got R&R's to Japan for a weeks rest. Some of the guys flew home in them also, but very few. I don't know which would be worse, the Troop Ship, or that C-124 island hopping all the way back to the States. :)

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