Jeumont Caserne, La Rochelle France
77th Trans Company

Jeumont Gate close to Stop Hotel

This is the inside of the PX at Jeumont

This is about all that was left at Jeumont in 2007.

Jeumont Kaserne is circled.

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The information I have found, indicates that Jeumont Kaserne was first used in November 1941 for the assembly and storage of torpedos used by the Submarines at the Sub Den.

Construction at Jeumont 2007.

Construction at Jeumont 2008. New Port Access Road is completed
and tied into area roads, with security check points to limit access.
The new road goes through where Jeumont Kaserne was located.

This shows what remains of Jeumont Kaserne along the road.

77th Transportation Company
La Rochelle France
Jeumont Kaserne

Pictures Provided by Stan Tomsack

Stan Tomsack




Is that Coleman?








Motor Pool at Lalu

#13A, Looks like it was taken shortly after
the 77th switched from Light, to Med Truck.


Below Pictures sent by Charlie Thacker

On Jeumont

Is that Lalu Entrance? Charlie Thacker

77th Trans Co Motor Pool on Lalu


(in buildings at top)
PX, Commissary, Snackbar, Deli, American Express, QM Sales, Auto Parts

EM Club or Rod & Gun Club?

A Shortcut off Jeumont

On Jeumont

Charley Thacker and Arlette

Arlette Declaw

This is the same Bar Des Halles in 2010

Quartermaster Laundry at Jeumont

Fageol Bus that we had till we moved to Kassel

Some shots of the guys in the 77th Trans Company taken while supporting the filming of the movie, "The Longest Day". These were taken in 1962 on the Ile De Re, which is a island off the coast from La Rochelle France.

# 14 ? with Robert Mitchum's chair








Actual shots from the movie, taken on the Ile de re.

A Reunion of the 77th Transportation Members

This shows where Laleu was in relation to Jeumont

Jeumont Kaserne 2002 to present

More Pictures of the 77th Trans Company <-- NEW

Aufredi Kaserne

Croix Chapeau

Laleu Kaserne

Nodex Operations

The US Army's Mission in La Rochelle

WW2 Recon Pictures of Sub Pens at La Pallice

Pictures from La Rochelle France

106th Transportation Bn

Pictures from Kassel and Rothwesten

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