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The road leading from the Chinese Tunnel
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The road leading from Cp Beavers to Cp St Barbara

Doing the Laundry near Gate 2

The PX and Cafeteria under construction in 1957

Snack Bar/PX in 1961

Service Club in 1961

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This is one of the many little stories about what happened during the early years in Korea, and the GIs that were stationed there. This one happens to be about me, when I was a 17 year old PFC.

One night during my 1st tour up at Camp Casey in Fall of 1960, I was in a hoch well south of the main area of TDC. We had Bed Check back then, and Curfew at Midnight.

I woke up about 10 mins to 12, and jumped into my Wool OGs,that we had to wear, and boots an took off running for the gate across the rice paddies on the little paths. As I was making a turn on top of the paddies, I slipped and landed into one of the pits they pumped all the stuff from the Honey Buckets an trucks into. I went in all the way except my head. Took me a while to get out, and the MPs had closed the Gates when I got there. As I waked up to the gate, stuff from the rice paddy was still falling off me. They asked me why I was late and what was that smell? As I was telling them, I was getting my wallet to show my ID an Pass. He said he was not touching them, an for me to get walking to my unit.

When I got to my unit, I went straight to the latrine and showered with my cloths on, then pulled them off and showered again. I walked nude from the latrine to my Quonset Hut, and hung the OGs on the mop rack outside an went in, put some clean underwear on, and went to bed.

The next morning when the Plt Sgt woke us up, he wanted to know why my stinking OGs were on his mop rack? As I started telling him, he got laughing so hard, he could hardly talk. Finally he asked if I had got written up? When I told him the MP said he would of but I stunk to bad to go into the MP Station. He told me to go take another shower, and get some clean linen from the Supply Room.

I did a lot of work around the Platoon Area in the evenings for a week after that.

My House Boy tried to get the smell out of the Wool OGs, but ended up exchanging them at CIF. That is what you call a Shitty Story.

Camp Casey, 1953 and 1954

Camp Casey, 1955 and 1959

Ken Hoffecker photos at Camp Casey 1960

Camp Casey, 1960 through 1970s

Camp Casey, 1980 through Present

Pictures of Korea during the 60s

7th ID MPs at Camp Casey

Happy Valley/Dragon Valley Area of Cp Casey

Chinese Tunnel

The History of Camp Casey Korea

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I was at Casey in 1960-61 in the 17th Transportation Bn.

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