48th Ord Co
Baumholder Germany

Below Pictures from David Feinauer, 48th Ord 1956-1958

Feinauer, Wilson, Webber, Sukow (BCD) at the EM club

Whitehair (BCD), Mink, Siegert.

Feinauer, Lee, Beugin, Prohaska, rear gate of motor pool.

Siebolt, Viktor, McClanhan

Goode, Findley, Pallicino

2000 yard .50 machine gun range. Blouch, CWO Choate

Ammo carriers Mayorga, Larson

Ammo carriers Webber, Feinauer (ammunition was strictly controlled)

Feinauer, Blouch, Webber, Siebolt, Monical, Partially hidded - Wilson,
Mayorga, I know the faces of the rest but don't remember their names

48th at the machine gun range.

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In Jan 1956, the 48th Ord Company was attached the the 81st Ordnance Battalion . In Apr 1958, the 48th was detached from the 81st Ordnance Battalion, and attached to the 66th Ordnance Battalion, but still at Baumholder. Some time during 1966, the 48th Ord was redesinated as C Company 66th Maintenance Bn under Comstar II. During the 1971-74 time frame, it was redesignated as the 48th Maintenance Company, still in Baumholder. In 1988, the 48th Maintenance Company was relocated to Wildflecken.

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