538th Engineer Maintenance Co.
Became D Company 4th Maint Bn
in 1966

Eng          Ord

The 538th participated in every phase of the Korean War.

The 538th ended up at Camp Nimble, which was accross the MSR from Cp Casey, on the road past the air field.

It was there till late 1964, when it moved south near Uijongbu, at Kumo-ri. The 538th remained there at what was called Kumo-ri Maintenance Center. It was latter renamed to Camp Kyle.

The 538th in the Early Days

538th Becomes D Co 4th Maint Bn.

History 1966-1970

D Company 4th Maint Bn was Deactivated Aug 1970.

The 4th Maint Bn in the Early Days

D Co 4th Maint Bn. (Forward Det)

D Co 4th Maint Bn. at Camp Stanley

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