The GARC and Dallas R.A.C.E.S have standardized on several connectors for DC Power, Audio, and Radio Frequency output. This connector class teaches proper connector termination. This class teaches the MOLEX Power connector and PL-259 RF connector. A drawing of the connectors as used by Dallas RACES can be found at N5TIM's Public service Page.



Coaxial preparation and connection to a PL-295 RF Connector. Follow the pictorial below.


It should be noted that in step 3 when the braid is tinned, the size may be too large to fit inside of the connector. If this happens use a file or a small grinding tool like a dremel or other rotary grinding tool to reduce the size of the tinned braid. A sizing tool can be made of an old or damaged PL-259. Use a hacksaw or dremel tool with a cutting blade to cut down the inside base of a connector, just below the threads.

Try the prepared and tinned coax inside the sizing tool. When it will just fit inside the tinned braid has been reduced in thickness enough.

Anderson Powerpoles

The Anderson Power Pole connector connector will be the standard at the end of 2004. All Dallas area RACES members will have to be converted to this connector by that time. This connector is available in 15, 30 and 45 ampere contact ratings. The connector is available localy at Packaged Industrial Power or can be obtained at Allied Electronics; By mail order, Powerwerx provides connectors kits prepackaged in bags of 10 to 250 and includes roll pins, shells and contacts. Additionaly they have tooling and cabling.

Anderson Power Pole Connectors

15 A

Complete Connector #1395G1

Housing Only #1327G6

Contact Only

30 A

Complete Connector #1330G4

Housing Only
#1327G6 #1327

Contact Only #1331

Below is a drawing for the assembling the connector.

DC Distributor

Here is a simple DC distributor you can build for using powerpole connectors. It is similar to the RIGrunner but made from parts available localy. Please note that this differs from the RIGrunner in that the outputs are not individually fused.

Print the drawing below a couple of times. Cut out the templates out of one of the paper copies, use the other as an assembley guide. Line up and tape the box template to the top of the 3x2x1 project box and cut out the holes as indicated. Do the same for the copper clad stock. Tape to an large peice of stock then cut to size and drill where indicated. Remove paper and tape. Cut a large open area down the middle of the copper stock with dremel, file or hacksaw. If you are good with a router, a pass through a router will work as well but use an old bit.

If you build this distributor please email me with the subject of DC Box. I would really like to know how many people are finding this device usefull!

See the fine folks at Bluemont repeater for their version of the rig runner.

Anderson Power Pole 5 Output Fused DC Distributor
Similar to the device above but each output fused. Radio Shack started to carry a box perfect for this application.

Anderson Power Pole Distributor fused 5 Position

Anderson Power Pole 12 Output Fused DC Distributor

This next project is a bit more complex than the above. Radio Shack now makes a 8x3x1 project box that is ideal for making a fused distributor. The assembly is similar to the above. Print copies, tape to box and copper stock. Drill or cut where indicated. My version of this gives you 12 fused outputs.