This is my Western Electric Touch Tone era phone collection

Some may ask why collect this type and vintage hardware and all I can say is this was the pinnacle of Western Electric's innovation in the most widely used piece of technology ,the phone. The motto of "THE PHONE COMPANY" used to be "One customer 35 years one service call" . Not many companies can make this claim and live up to it but they did for over a 100 years.

An early "10 Button" sets, note no * or # keys


A standard 2500 set

Not WE but a neet 2500 set

A rare touch tone "Space Saver"

The "Princess" phone ,in a few of it's many colors

The "Trimline" most of the guts were in the hand set

1980 olympic Phone


WE Design Line Phones

WE Comercial Phone

WE Auto-dialers


Ad ons for phones

Touch Tone Pay Phones

Military Autovon type sets

Touch Tone Pads


Touch Tone Phones In Film & TV


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