Military type Autovon sets

These sets were built to meet the needs of the US military during the cold war to be able to set priority of a call on the now decommissioned Autovon (nuke hardened) "AUTOmatic Voice Over Network" phone network. These lines were buried 35 feet or more under ground and encased in conduit and concrete. It was hoped that this network would survive a first strike by the USSR. This system was less vulnerable to attack then todays satellite system.

The extra column of keys set the priority of your call, Priority,Immediate.Flash & Flash Override

Autovon Switching Centers, Now decomed.


NORAD Control At Cheyenne Mountain, renovated version. Not as
many Autovon sets as the old one. Two of my Autovon sets came
from the old control room.


This is a WE military 1A2 key Autovon set I got from a military auction, said CMC spare on bottom. Note the extra four buttons for setting priority of call.

A green version 1A2 set

What the innards look like

Standard 66 type pad

Translucent 66 autovon pad

Electrospace not WE multiline autovon controler



A single line 1A2 version Autovon set.

1A2 set, late production


Autovon adjunct unit, to add Autovon features to other phones

Single line with translucent buttons & adjunct unit

What replaced most Autovon phones

TA 954 Digital military phone

A TA838 field phone (not WE but Autovon type) can run point to point or hook to the network like a normal phone.