A Tale of Two Launchers

Can We make an Antenna Launcher that will fit into a Rubbermaid Tote?

That way it will be easy to take to field. Easier than the Archery gear it replaces.

Here's the TBL-QE19 made from a 3/4" Quick Exhaust Valve and a few parts making a quick, effective and easy to build launcher for heights up to a bit over 150 feet.

Can we make an Antenna Launcher that fits into a tote and has Higher Performance???

Here is the TBL-DV19. Two Rainbird 1" sprinkler valves converted to pneumatic acutation triggered by a Deltrol Quick Exhaust Valve feed from a 125 cubic inch chamber to a 2.5 inch tennis ball barrel. This is for those times you want to get a bit higher. It is difficult to get over 200 feet, but this one gets to the neighborhood at very low pressure! Altitude, temperature, tennis ball weight and line drag all affect the height. 4 ounce weighted tennis balls are about optimal. At 20 psi it will throw a standard untethered tennis ball about 100 feet straight up. At 80 psi you might not find it again..

When you really need to get up there, use the BX8 barrel extension for extra reach!

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