Simple Shunt Solar Controller SSSC1A

Download Complete Information Package (800k zipfile)

Solar Controller Information Package above Includes:

If you decide to build some of these, drop me a line and let me know how it works out. Please include 'SSSC1A' in the subject line. I have considered making kits available, is there any interest?

Future Plans

I'm working on a couple of more sophisticated designs. The most interesting is a model designed to use the excellent Anderson Powerpole connectors. Since these connectors allow input and output to be interchanged (but maintain proper polarity), this design is symmetrical and the input and output are interchangeable. Additionally, it is designed to handle being connected to the solar panel without being connected to the battery. Thus it can be mounted on the back of a portable solar panel. Most designs I have reviewed (and many commercial products) are not intended for this configuration. They depend on the battery and with only power from the panel they can be damaged. If there is any interest in this new design, drop me a line with 'MSC2' included in the subject line. This may lead to a kit.

by Alan Biocca, WB6ZQZ

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