The PADS (Pneumatic Antenna Deployment System)

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PADS Launcher shown above in Hard Case. Note that the photo above shows 500 foot twine reels (instead of the 270 foot reels used in the kit) and additional CO2 equipment not included in the PADS Kit.


The PADS (Pneumatic Antenna Deployment System) kit includes almost everything you need to launch lines over 150 foot high for your antenna deployments. It is packaged in a 18 inch tool case making it easy to take to field. Great for Field Day and Emergency Operations! You will need to supply a pump or other source of compressed air or CO2 to pressurize the launcher. An optional CO2 system is available on the Order Page, see below for more info. Assembly Required. Assembly Service is available, see the order page.

Set Contents

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CO2 Charging System

The CO2 Charging System uses a refillable 12 oz CO2 cylinder and a safety pressure regulator to provide pressure for the Antenna Launchers. This is very small and fast - filling up to launch takes only a few seconds, and it fits into the PADS hard case. It provides many launches per refill (approximately 30) and can be refilled at a local paintball supply for a few dollars. The PADS photo above actually contains two CO2 charging systems - a 12 oz Paintball type system as described here and also a 12 gram bicycle tire filling system. The 12 oz Paintball type bottle is inside the SDR21 barrel. Can you find the regulator, the bicycle filler, and the 12 gram CO2 cartridges??

Ordering Information

We cannot ship systems with CO2 due to shipping regulations.

Additional 12 ounce cylinders are also available on the Order Page.

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