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I graduated from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1978 and I was active in the MSOE ham radio club W9HHX during my 4 years there. I spent most of my free time at the ham shack and consider that some of the best times I've ever had.  The MSOE ham club dates back to the mid 1920's when it was known as 9SO.   From what I've been told, in 1924 the student members of the School Radio Club developed and obtained a license for an amateur radio station 9SO.  9SO was chosen as the key station of the western section of the College Radio Union.  The MSOE radio club communicated with Admiral Byrd's ship while on its way to the South Pole, and reported first information on the Cuban hurricane disaster which wiped out all other communication with the American mainland in 1926.   One of the key members back from 1926-1930 was William Gainer.  I had a chance to meet with him and talk about ham radio at MSOE in the early years.  He gave me the picture of the 9SO club station with the 4 seated members, saying that he wasn't one of the fellows in the photo. In the station photo showing two members, Bill Gainer is seated on the right.  According to Bill, when he graduated from MSOE (from my memory around 1930 or 32), there weren't any other ham club members left so he took the callsign 9SO with him as he shut off the lights and closed the door. The call became W9SO and he kept that call until his death. That is why the ham club call is W9HHX rather than W9SO.   I don't know when the MSOE ham radio club restarted after 9SO's departure..

I've scanned in the 1920's 9SO ham club photos and included photo's of several MSOE ham club qsl cards and my membership card.

73, Scott WA9WFA

MSOE Ham Radio Club Photos Club Photo from the mid 1920's and 1976, plus a photo of three club members.

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