WA7RF Work Residence Station

My work is based out of Seattle. I rent a basement bedroom from our friends in Edgewood, WA near Tacoma. I maintain a station here because my work involves being on call. While I wait for the phone to ring I am able to get in some operating time. Here is the station setup:

Kenwood TS-120, 80-10 meters No WARC, SSB, CW, 100 watts into a G5RV, MFJ tuner, MFJ 422D Keyer/Paddle combo and stock mic. This is connected toa MFJ-1278B DSP multi-mode controller for AMTOR/RTTY, Pactor, FAX, SSTV, Packet and ASCII on HF. While gone the station is left on as a automated HF Packet station. You may connect to my HF maildrop on 7103.5 khz 300 baud packet during the hours of 0600-2000 hours local time. The VFO wanders a bit so you may find the station 300 hz either side of 7103.5 khz. I have a homemade harness to connect the TS-120 to my laptop for the soundcard modes, PSK31, MFSK-16, and Feld-Hell.

Radio Shack HTX-242 FM 45 watts for phone and APRS. APRS setup uses another MFJ-1278 dedicated to VHF packet. I have APRS going all the time at this station. While there I have the laptop connected as WA7RF-4 beaconing on 144.390. While gone I take the laptop with me and the TNC beacons as WA7RF-2 as a standalone station on the APRS freq of 144.390.

Yaesu FT-690II 6 meter all-mode 10 watts out to a 6 meter dipole.

For 2 meter/70cm weak signal work I will occasionally break out my suitcase portable, FT-817, and some cheap yagis for operations from this location.

My friends oldest son, Josh KD7POR, is my backup control operator for the appropriate parts of the station while I am away. He took intrest in ham radio and I helped him get his license. He is 11 years old and he stays in contact with my son Ryan KD7MMW via ham radio.

See this Station's location WA7RF-2`on the APRS system

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