WA7RF Home Station

We have been in our current home for 2 years. Due to some other remodeling the office and hamshack has not been finished yet so our current station is on a corner of our bedroom. Therefore the home shack will expand when we have the space.

Current Setup:

ICOM 740, 160-10 meters, SSB, CW, FM, 100 watts into a Carolina Window 80 Special (80-10 meters), MFJ Tuner, Bencher paddle and stock mic. Alinco 605T 2 meter/70cm FM Dual band with a mag mount anntena on the meter pedastal??????? APRS setup is my Pentium clone with a Kantronics Data Engine TNC connected to a Radio Shack HTX-242 45 watt mobile with a 5/8 wave mag mount on a upside down garbage can...really hi-tech. Also have a AEA DSP-1232 Multi-mode Controller for AMTOR/RTTY, Pactor, Packet and digital satellite. Have a homemade soundcard interface for the digital modes of PSK31, MFSK16, Hellschreiber, MT63, Fax and SSTV.

Future Additions:

This equipment is storage and will be setup when the Hamshack and Office is finished.

ICOM 251A 2 meter allmode, ICOM 551A 6 meter SSB/CW, ICOM 451A 430 mhz allmode. Each of these will be connected to my Mirage 160 watt outboard amplifiers with integral preamps. The 430 mhz will have a mast mounted preamp. The antennas are a 11 element dual polarized beam for 2 meter, a 3 element beam for 6 meters and a 22 element 430 mhz beam all mounted on a Yaesu rotator. For satellite work I have M2 Eggbeater antennas for 70cm and 2 meter.

Ramesy FX-220 220mhz FM Transciever 5 watts to a 4 element beam. In addition I have Cushcraft Ringo Ranger for 2 meter, 220 and 440 for FM and packet work. KLM 220 mhz 60 watt amplifier

AEA VSB-70 FSTV Transciever for ATV. 10 watts out on 70 cm. Sony Video Camera and TV monitor.

I will put up additional wire antennas for HF 160 meters-30 meters and our Cushcraft R-6000 HF vertical for 20-6 meters.

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