WA7RF/KC7SOW All Ham BBQ and Eyeball QSO Party

Come one, Come All, All Hams and their families are welcome to the First Annual (maybe) WA7RF/KC7SOW All Ham BBQ and Eyeball QSO Party.

You can fly in - we have a 3300 foot airstrip!

You can boat in - we live on Long lake and have a beach!

You can drive, bike or walk in - we have paved roads all the way to our driveway!

Sorry no trains....don't have the rail built yet..Hi..Hi.


Saturday, August 3, 2002

1:00 pm until 11:00 pm (Night owls will move to WA7RF's later)

BBQ starts at 4:00 pm


Eating BBQ hamburgers and anything else you bring.

Volleyball, Croquet, horseshoes, Badminton on our 2 acres of lawn....we will let you mow some of it if you like.

Swimming and laying on the beach. Boating, water skiing, and tubing if you bring the boat. We don't have the boat available this year. Canoes and float devices welcome.

Looking at some airplanes. Possibly rides if you bring the aircraft. Don't have the airplane availble for rides this year.

Lots of visiting and talking about Radio, Airplanes, Boats, Cars, gardening, knitting, candlestick making, soap.....whoops back to techie stuff.....mechanics, machines, electronics, computers, Linux, Windows 9X, DOS, CPM, Fortran, Basic, Farming, anything you like......or nothing at all. We have a unoffical featured guest Rainier (not correct spelling, pronounced like Ryna) DJ8CL from Germany. You may have heard DJ8CL on the 145.43 repeater the last week. He has been vacationing in our area and he will be staying with us over the weekend. So our first Ham BBQ is an international event.

Basic Beginner's Fox Hunt: I will set up a basic self-service fox (hidden radio) for you to find. Bring handheld beams, attenuators, RDF equipment or air attenuators. For folks who don't have the facny stuff you can make a air attenuator out of a mailing tube a couple of feet long and large enough to put you HT into the inside diameter. Cover all of the outside of the tube with Aluminum Foil and then with packing tape for durability. Then I or other hams can show you how to use it. I will try to have one of these there for you to use if you can't make one. The frequency for the fox hunt will be 146.45.

Should have a packet, APRS, HF, and ATV station up and running.

Card games, Chess, Checkers or any other game you would like to bring.

Elmering. Bring your questions and ideas about the hobby. When more than a few hams get together you should always be able to walk away learning something.

Star Party: If you have a telescope or binoculars bring them. We have very little light pollution so we can have some pretty spetacular night skys if it isn't cloudy.

Petting Horses, Goats, Dogs, Rabbits, or other wildlife you can catch. We have eagles, ospreys, deer, moose, elk, turkeys, fish, bull snakes and rattlesnakes...don't worry the snakes stay far away from the buildings but if you go for a walk...don't put your hands or feet where you can't see or hear.


Side dishes. We will provide the BBQ hamburgers and the drinks (Sodas, tea, coffee, water). Please bring the other stuff you want to eat...salads, beans, chips, pastries, veggies, desserts, etc....

Folding chairs. If we have as many hams as we would like we won't have enough chairs.

Bathing suit and floating appratrus if you like. ATTENTION !! NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY!! You will swim at your own risk. Are you scared now?

Any games you want to play.

HT's or other radios you want to show off! We will have a on site simplex frequency of 147.48. If I have time I may even pull out my ATV stuff to watch the beach from the yard. Bring Radio Direction Finding Equipment if you have it.

Sunscreen - If you want to lay on the beach oh and bring something to lay on.. towels.. chaise lounges if you are into sunbathing.

Kids - I have kids ages 14 Rachel, 12 Ryan, 7 Luke, and 5 John. Babysitting will not be formally provided so we parents need to share the responsiblity. ATTENTION PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE KIDS.... There are 2 houses, 2 decks, 2 hangars a beach and lots of yard to find a quiet spot to visit so please come.

The ability to relax and have fun. This is a chance for all of us to get to see each other and visit. We want everyone to feel welcome and enjoy themselves and each other. Make yourselves at home but remember it is our home and we have to live here after you leave. And also WA7RF's house is in a state of remodel and repair so don't mind the mess....we don't.....usally.


Please email me at [email protected] (you can use the link below) or call me with an RSVP so I know who is coming. Please let me know who you are bringing (kids, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends) and what kinda of food and games or toys (including big ones) you are bringing. This just helps for our planning. You can call me at (509) 796-5882 also. If you don't RSVP you are still welcome as long as you bring a house warming gift HI..HI.


Talkin Frequency: 145.43 Repeater PL 100

On Site Frequency: 147.48

Click on the links below for a map provided by the APRS system and map.findu.com. Both WA7RF and KC7SOW have APRS broadcasting from our shacks. Click on the Textual description so you can print it out for yourself.

APRS Map to WA7RF/KC7SOW All Ham BBQ and Eyeball QSO Party

Textual Directions to the All Ham BBQ

RSVP to WA7RF via Email

We look forward to seeing everyone there and remember you can always do that weekend project or errand another time. We are only going to have this BBQ once a year or maybe once a month if we can use your house.

I apoligize for the late announcement on this event but my job schedule varies greatly and I was only able to fix a date a few days ago.

See who has said they are coming!

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