WA7RF/P Suitcase Portable Description

Suitcase Portable WA7RF/P W7,KL7,W6,VE7,W9,W3 - This station is with me all the time. I operate portable from hotels, friends and family homes and may combine and also operate this from my rented room above. All of this fits in my suitcase and laptop case.

Yaesu FT-817 5 watt 160 meter-70cm CW, SSB, FM, AM and Digital into a ATX Walkabout telescoping antenna or a rollup J-pole, home brew paddle for CW. Kenwood TH-F6 Tri-band HT. Baycom BP-2M Multimode interface into Toshiba 420CDS Satellite Pro running Linux/Windows 95 for SSTV, RTTY, FAX, AMTOR, Packet, PSK31, MFSK16 and Feld-Hell. I run APRS with this station as WA7RF-4.

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