WERA 1590 AM
South Plainfield, NJ

(From whence it came)

(airchecks are courtesy of Tony and Brian DeNicola)

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This is the WERA transmitter building on Oak Tree road, South Plainfield, NJ
(Between Celentano and Babes on the south side.)

WERA in operation. From left to right:
BTA-500R (my unit),
two phasing units for three towers, BTA-1R
main transmitter. I was told by Bob Balfour, CE of WERA,
that operation was regularly alternated between the two
Tony Dee and Son Brian are standing next
to the 1KW main transmitter.
(picture Courtesy Tony Dee)


This sealed container holds a quartz crystal
which vibrates 1,590,000 times per second.
It put WERA at 1590 on the AM dial. A
thermostatically controlled heater inside this
unit holds the crystal temperature to a close
tolerance, holding WERA at a tight tight
precision. It will be replaced by an amateur
radio frequency crystal or variable frequency source.

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