Moving the BTA-500R

Transformer Pickup

On July 10, the transformers which were sitting in the bottom of the transmitter were removed with the wires carefully labeled and a diagram of the layout made.

This corner was chosen because
it is the only level part of the garage and it is next to the wall, where the transmission line can be fed through.

The plan is to install the transmitter
in this garage and have it remote
controlled from the shack. Single window above garage is where my shack/office is.

Transformer Move

Transformers and chokes in my trunk
after removal.

Transformers laid out in my garage
waiting for cleaning.

On July10, the transformers and chokes were removed from the transmitter. The transformers and wires were labeled and terminals numbered where necessary. There were two transformers and two chokes.

Plate transformer 6200 V CT @ 0.6 A 110 lbs
Modulation transformer   110 lbs
Modulation reactor   85 lbs
Filter choke 10 henrys 45 lbs

Moving Day

The truck arrives.

1/2 ton transmitter pulled out of wall
and fastened to the handtruck.

Ready to enter the truck,
time for a break.

Up, Up and AWAY!
(It really took 4 people
to push it up the ramp)

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