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The WA2MZE story ... The Brooklyln Days   You might consider this my 'memoirs'.  To my friends in Brooklyn NYC who have moved on to other locations, some of whom my have let their licenses lapse or had their call signs changed...If you read this and remember please email me!

 A technical history of shortwave receivers   This is a 'white paper' on the technical history of short-wave receivers looking at how the state of the art has changed over the years. Regenerative circuits, supehetrodyne developments, tuning, frequency readouts, obtaining selectivity, digital circuits, and what may lie ahead.

Vacuum Tube Rogue Gallery Take a look at some old tubes from my collection!

1930's Regenerative Receiver My version of Lindsay's 1930's Twinplex single tube regenerative receiver.

World's Smallest Homebrew Grid Dipper? Is this the world's smallest homebrew grid dipper? You be the judge.

Homebrew VTVM (under construction) My homebrew VTVM project.


Jean Shepherd (K2ORS) became a silent key on Oct 16, 1999. Shep as he was know to his fans was known for his radio show on WOR-AM in NYC during the 50's - 70's. He often told ham radio stories on his radio show. Check out this page devoted to his work. Jean Shepherd Web Site Download this mp3 and listen to Jean Shepherd, K2ORS spin a yarn about CW and ham radio. Jean Shepherd CW Story Here is another story by Jean Shepherd set during the Forth of July Ludlow Kissel and the Dago Bomb that Struck Back