January 99: Antique Radio Display. Our members brought some old radios and told stories about them. See Pictures.

February 99: We had N2GA (the ARRL Section Manager) as a guest speaker. Also, John Caruso discussed the development of the Grumman Memorial Park. A short video of the F14 fly-in was shown.

March 99: This was Digital Clock night. Members brought in their interesting digital clocks and discussed them briefly.

April 99: We had a display of old Morse Code keys. Members brought in their keys for you to see.

May 99: A discussion on the upcoming Field Day operation by KJ6XE.

June 99: We finalized Field Day Plans.

July 99: There was a post-mortem discussion on Field Day.

August 99: The 30th Anniversary of the Landing on the Moon. We showed the video.

September 99: Marty, NN2C, discussed upcoming the Ham Radio 2000 Seminar.

October 99: We discussed elections. John Caruso gave an update on Grumman Park.

November 99: We had a talk on the Cradle of Aviation Museum by Tom Gwynne, former Grumman test pilot, and Jerry Kessler. Here's a picture. Elections were held. All members of the Executive Council were reelected. Board members N2NFI and WA2NDP were elected.

December 99: Holiday party was in Plt 5. See some pictures from the party.

January, 2000. First meeting at UL. We saw a video of their testing activities, and then had a tour of the building.

February, 2000. Our featured speaker was W2ILP. He spoke on the new FCC License Restructuring. There also were tours of the UL facility.

March, 2000. We had a talk by Bill, N2SFT. He showed the effects of too much current on different gauges of power cords.

April, 2000. We had a neat demo on SSTV by John, KB2SCS. Here is some information on SSTV

May, 2000. Pat, KE2LJ, gave a talk on protecting your station gear from lightning damage.

June, 2000. We finished our Field Day plans, and showed a video of the Peter I Dxpedition.

July, 2000. KB2UB discussed OpSail communications, and the involvement of Hams within the Coast Guard.

Aug, 2000. There was a nice video of a DXPedition.

Sep, 2000. Bill, N2SFT, led a tour of the UL facility, including the EMC Lab.

Oct, 2000. The weather was bad, and very few people were in attendance. We finished early.

Nov, 2000. Elections were held. NN2C discussed his trip to RSGB in London.

Dec, 2000. The Holiday party was held in Bethpage . About 45 people attended.

Jan, 2001. We showed the Rawley Shoals DX Video.

Feb, 2001. N2SFT discussed high current device failures.

Mar, 2001. N2SFT showed what circuit breakers and house wires do when 5000 amps go through them.

Apr, 2001. Informal meeting in Plt 5. Showed the video of a house move.

May, 2001. W2ILP spoke of his visit to Australia, operating as VK3FMU.

June, 2001. Finalize plans for Field Day 2001

July, 2001. We discussed the Field Day Operation.

Aug, 2001. N2SFT showed a video.

Sep, 2001. This meeting in Bethpage was cancelled.

Oct, 2001. We had a talk on RF Safety from Bob, W2ILP.

Nov, 2001. Club elections were held. John Caruso gave us an update on Grumman Park in Calverton.

Dec, 2001. This is the Holiday Party. At UL at 6 PM.

Jan, 2002. The new Icom 706 was demo'd by KE2LJ.

Feb, 2002. Bill, N2SFT, showed how to build an antenna tuner.

Mar, 2002. Dave, AB2EF showed his home made power supply.

Apr, 2002. Art at UL showed us a high current test on an electric meter extender.

May, 2002. Art gave a presentation on the inner workings of circuit breakers.

June, 2002. KE2LJ discussed the latest APRS technology and demonstrated his APRS vehicle tracker.

July, 2002. No Topics were presented.

August, 2002. W2ILP did an excellent overview of digital communications modes.

Sept, 2002. Frank, N2FF, discussed current ARRL issues.

Oct, 2002. Bob, W2ILP, spoke on RTTY and demo'd the MTTY program.

Nov, 2002. Club elections, and an PSK31 lecture and demo by W2ILP.

Dec, 2002. This was our Holiday party at UL. 30 people attended.

Jan, 2003. A continuation of the Digital series of lectures. W2ILP spoke on MFSK16.

Feb, 2003. We had a lecture by AG2A on meteor scatter.

Mar, 2003. W2ILP spoke about Hell Schrieber.

Apr, 2003. Preliminary Field Day discussions.

May, 2003. WB2FXN spoke about the Air Show at Calverton in September.

Jun, 2003. Final planning for Field Day 2003.

Jul, 2003. Post FD discussion.

Aug, 2003. Met at Bethpage Library. W2ILP spoke about BLP.

Sept, 2003. Meeting at UL. A video was played.

Oct, 2003. N2FF from ARRL was the speaker.

Nov, 2003. Club elections were held, and the incumbents were re-elected.

Dec, 2003. Holiday Party at UL.

Jan, 2004. W2ILP spoke on radio history.

Feb, 2004. We had no program due to absences.

Mar, 2004. KE2LJ gave the presentation on Tesla Coil technology. Download here. (3 Meg Power Point)

Apr, 2004. The Clipperton Island DXPedition video. At the Bethpage Library.

May, 2004. KE2LJ brought his Tesla Coil and demonstrated it.

Jun, 2004. We discussed Field Day plans.

Jul, 2004. The WW2 Hallicrafters BC610 video was shown.

Aug, 2004. Duscuss the Nantucket LightShip operation.

Sep, 2004. The pictures from Nantucket and the Luncheon were shown.

Oct, 2004. N2GA from ARRL was the featured speaker.

Nov, 2004. Elections were held. WB2EAV became the Treasurer.

Dec, 2004. Holiday Party at Old Country Buffet.

Jan, 2005. Meeting cancelled due to snow.

Feb, 2005. George, W2KRM did his spark demo.

Mar, 2005. Video of Banaba T33C DXPedition.

Apr, 2005. KB2UB discussed Digital Selective Calling.

May, 2005. W2ILP discussed the use of crystals in electronics.

Jun, 2005. We discussed Field Day plans.

Jul, 2005. A summary of the FD operation was given.

Aug, 2005. KE2LJ showed slides of his canal boat trip.

Sep, 2005. KB2UB played a tape of Yosemite Park.

Oct, 2005. NN2C discussesd working lighthouses.

Nov, 2005. KE2LJ showed railroad pictures.

Dec, 2005. Holiday Party at Country Buffet.

Apr, 2006. N2FF spoke on BPL and other League business.

May, 2006. Showed some F14 videos

Jun, 2006. We finalized our Field Day plans.

Jul, 2006. Had our Field Day post-mortem discussion.

Aug, 2006. Discussed the possibility of an operation at Eatons Neck Light.

Sep, 2006. John Caruso discussed Grumman Memorial Park.

Oct, 2006. We discussed the future Club leadership and elections.

Nov, 2006. Elections for 2007 were held. Incumbents were re-elected.

Dec, 2006. Holiday Party at Country Buffet.

Jan, 2007. W2ILP spoke on frequency controllers.

Feb, 2007. We watched the A52A Bhutan EXPedition video.

Mar, 2007. John W2GW demonstarted numerous QRP kits he built.

Apr, 2007. No video; we couldn't get access to the projector.

May, 2007. video was the NCDXF introduction.

Jun, 2007. We did Field Day planning.

Jul, 2007. Had our Field Day post-mortem discussion.

Aug, 2007. Picnic at the park. Last meeting for President KE2LJ.

Sep, 2007. We had a video of the KH5K Kingman Reef DXPedition.

Oct, 2007. KA2D and N2MUN spoke about HRU 2008.

Nov, 2007. Elections for 2008 were held. WB2EAV was elected President, replacing KE2LJ.

Dec, 2007. Holiday Party at Bertucci's.

Jan, 2008. W2ILP spoke on power supplies.

Apr, 2008. Preliminary Field Day discussion.

May, 2008. Continued Field Day discussion.

Jun, 2008. WB2EAV discussed final Field Day plans.

Jul, 2008. Discussing our Sept. picnic/meeting.

Aug, 2008. W2ILP discussed ideas for programs at future meetings.

Sep, 2008. Picnic. N2FF spoke about RTTY.

Oct, 2008. AB2EF showed a video on the operations at MFJ.

Nov, 2008. "Lenny the Meteorologist" spoke.

Dec, 2008. Holiday Party at Bertucci's.

Jan, 2009. AB2EF spoke about superspeed USB.

Feb, 2009. Video from Amateur Logic TV.

Mar, 2009. Mike Licenco, N2YBB, discussed search and rescue.

Apr, 2009. Ray W2DKM gave a presentation about Ham Radio and E-Bay.

May, 2009. Continued Field Day discussion.

Jun, 2009. WB2EAV discussed final Field Day plans.

Jul, 2009. Ray W2DKM discussed the Special Event Apollo 11 40th Anniversary.

Aug, 2009. Picnic at Syosset-Woodbuty park.

Sep, 2009. Ray W2DKM dispayed QSLs from the Special Event.

Oct, 2009. AB2EF showed a video about a WWII Museum in Australia

Dec, 2009. Holiday Party at Bertucci's.

Mar, 2010. W2DKM showed a DVD of a funny show in Las Vegas

Apr, 2010. W2ABK discussed the Radio Days exposition.

Jun, 2010. KB2UB showed a DVD on boating rescues and emergencies.

Jul, 2010. Discussed generator options for next field day.

Aug, 2010. Picnic at Syosset-Woodbuty park.

Sep, 2010. A good old fashioned meeting about ham radio, climbing tower experiences, antennas, latest equipment.

Oct, 2010 W2ILP gave a presentation on Nikola Tesla inventions.

Dec, 2010. Holiday Party at Bertucci's.

Jan, 2011. KB2UB brought in an emergency marine radio, land radio, power supply and antenna.

Feb, 2011. KB2UB brought in pictures of his boat and he explained the GPS system.

Mar, 2011. WB2IKT gave a presentation on fox hunting.

Jun, 2011. WB2EAV discussed final Field Day plans.

Jun, 2011. Discussing our Sept. picnic/meeting.

Jul, 2011. Had our Field Day post-mortem discussion.

Sep, 2011. Jack Hayne, WB2BED, displayed his German license and radio books.

Dec, 2012. Holiday Party at Bertucci's.

Jan, 2012. KB2UB showed a DVD on Marklin Trains in Germany

Feb, 2012. Karen, W2ABK showed a DVD of her trip to ARRL HQ.

Mar, 2012. Dave, AB2EF brought in his home-made Keyboard CW encoder.

Apr, 2012. KB2UB brought in his Marklin Z track micro trains.

Jun, 2012. Christian Lombardo, (no call yet) showed a rocket that he has been working on.

Jun, 2012. WB2EAV discussed final Field Day plans.