This was "Antique Radio Night". Members brought in some of their boat anchors to show us all.

A radio from WA2BAJ and some tubes from N2JE: An 813 on the left, with an 829b and an 832.

Dave's (AB2EF) radios: a Philco 46-350 and Emerson 510 from the 40s. And an Emerson AX-212 from 1938.

A Hallicrafters SX-100, circa 1956. Cost $300 new.

Jack Hayne (WB2BED) with some of his collection. The HT is an SCR-536 and is AM only. The large radio on the left is an SCR-694C from WWII.

A Hallicrafters S38. Owned by Zack, WB2PUE.

Some very old gear from Joe, WA2BAJ.

Jack (WB2BED) holding an Army walkie-talkie.

John (N2JE) describing his "Radio Manufacturing and Electronics" RME 152A.

W2ZUN showing his ??.

Zack (WB2PUE) displays his Hallicrafters S38.

Jerry (WA2DKG) shows his Hallicrafters radio.

Ted (KD2UB) describing his Kight-Kit radio.

Bob (W2ILP) telling about his ocilloscope. It's labelled "RCA Cathode Ray Oscillograph Type TMV-122-B. Manufactured by RCA in Camden in 1938".

Dave (AB2EF) talks abut his Philco 46-350, Emerson 510, and Emerson AX-212, ca. 1938.

Pete (N2PYV) says that he uses his S38 daily. He still has to read the manual to work the radio.

Joe (WA2BAJ) holding an issue of FM Magazine from 1947

Updated 3/10/99.