Mt Kearsarge Winter Wonderland

Summit of Mt Kearsarge

Home of 447.675Mhz, 88.5Hz PL

Click on Photo for Enlarged Image
Ice damaged
Bent Dipole on Tower
antenna on tower
Ice covered
Both Towers
towers & guy lines
Folded over Tower
Ice covered
Fire Tower Covered with Ice
fire tower
Telco building
Summit of Mountain Covered with Ice
and towers
NHSP antenna
NH State Police lo-band Whip with Ice Ball on Tip
Ice Ball on tip
Fire Tower &
Ice Covered Summit
NHPTV building
Main State
Ice Covered Tower
comm tower
Microwave Dishes
Scala Grid Dish
Scala Grid Dish
Why I had to go up there
Grid Dishes
Thick Ice
Only Opening on section of Fire Tower
on Fire Tower
Top of
Chunk of Ice at top of StationMaster
Work Crew Carrying Equipment
Summer Time
Summer Photo of Summit
on the summit

These photos were taken in January, during the winter of '95 after several days of low lying clouds, drizzle and snow. I was up there because I had a microwave problem which turned out to be a damaged feedline on one of the dishes. The previous day was during "white out" conditions and we could only locate the problem. There was no fixing it that day. The next day was absolutely beautiful!!! As you can see here....

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