MWDX Logs of late September - early October 2000
including "The Big Aurora"

compiled by Mark Connelly, WA1ION

The following is a compendium of loggings made in the month leading up to the 'Y2K' Newfoundland DXpedition. It is felt that these could be useful to evaluate conditions and reception possibilities for the DXpeditioners at Cappahayden, NF and also at a parallel effort going on in Sheigra, Scotland.
A highlight of this report is the large number of rarer DX logs made during a "classic aurora" which occurred during the US Columbus Day / Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, 7-9 OCT.

We start with reports from Mark Connelly, at various coastal sites in Massachusetts, USA

"One of the Best Latin American DX Openings Ever"
On the evening of Saturday, 7 OCT 2000, I DXed from the Tonset Road DXpedition site in Orleans, Cape Cod, MA. What I experienced was one of those auroral propagation "feeding frenzies" for medium-wave DX from South America and the Caribbean. Early on (pre-sunset), Brazil-760 was coming over daytimer WVNE. Other Brazilians on 810 and 1010 showed later. An interesting aspect of this opening was that, right after sunset, many good signals came in from seldom-logged stations on the "regional" channels above 1210 kHz.

Here are a few examples:

I also had many unID's and tentatives in the above-1210 segment as well as multiple Latin Americans on most of the lower band channels. Most stations were identified but there were a few intractable waist-deep pileups too. Once again I tried to get an ID out of a momentarily huge 1050.3 (any help Florida DXers ?); not only was 1050.3 annihilating WEVD-NY but a 1050.0 Latin American wiped out WEVD as well. I heard LA's on channels where I've never noted them before: something on 1560 with WQEW, a 1510 Spanish talker challenging WNRB, etc. There were some hets never previously noted such as 1269.8 and 1510.51. Trans-Atlantics were principally from northwest Africa. Mauritania-783 (parallel 4845) had an outstanding signal, Guinea-1385.92 got loud, and Nigeria-1062 was coming through at times.

Report from Mark Connelly - Times / dates = UTC / 2000
(logs 25 SEP - 12 OCT 2000)

[Connelly*B-MA] = Billerica, MA
(GC= 71.221 W / 42.533 N)

[Connelly*O-MA] = Orleans, Cape Cod, MA
(GC= 69.953 W / 41.81 N)
(beach area near northeast end of Tonset Road & Weeset Road)

[Connelly*rw-MA] = Rowley, MA
(GC= 70.829 W / 42.745 N)
(end of Stackyard Road at Parker River Nat. Wildlife R.: salt-marsh)

[Connelly*Y-MA] = West Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA
(GC= 70.223 W / 41.682 N)
(mother's house)

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RF circuit page: index.html

Receivers: Drake R8A, Realistic TRF
Antenna system: cardioid array with active whip,
BBL-1 broadband loop, and Superphaser-1 phasing unit


153 | ALGERIA | Bechar, OCT 11 2255 - male Arabic vocal with flutes, strings, and percussion; huge, alone on channel (no Germany or Norway). [Connelly*rw-MA]

162 | FRANCE | Allouis, OCT 11 2256 - man and woman with discussion in French. [Connelly*rw-MA]

171 | MOROCCO | R. Mediterranee Inter., Nador, OCT 11 2257 - pops including "I'm Not in Love" by 10 CC; to good peak. + OCT 11 2310 - man in Arabic; loud. [Connelly*rw-MA]

183 | GERMANY | Europe No. 1, Saarlouis, OCT 11 2257 - woman in French; good. [Connelly*rw-MA]

189 | ICELAND | Rikisutvarpid, Gufuskalar, OCT 11 2258 - Icelandic talk by woman; some beacon QRM. + OCT 11 2310 - now good with news and telephone interview. [Connelly*rw-MA]

198 | unID | OCT 11 2259 - two stations, one presumably BBC-UK; neither was strong. [Connelly*rw-MA]

207 | MOROCCO | RTM, Azilal, OCT 11 2300 - woman with news in Arabic; fair to good through "QI" beacon interference. [Connelly*rw-MA]

216 | unID | OCT 11 2302 - seemingly two stations (one likely France). Some of the audio sounded Middle Eastern. [Connelly*rw-MA]

252 | IRELAND | Atlantic 252, Clarkestown, OCT 11 2307 - pop-rock music mixed with second station; over "MVM" and "SKR" beacons. [Connelly*rw-MA]

549 | ALGERIA | Les Trembles, OCT 7 2234 - female vocal with string accompaniment; good. [Connelly*O-MA]

585 | SPAIN | RNE1, Madrid, OCT 12 0047 - // 621 with vocal and piano; fair. [Connelly*rw-MA]

612 | MOROCCO | Sebaa-Aioun, OCT 7 2229 - emotional Arabic talk; fair. [Connelly*O-MA] + OCT 11 2320 - // 207 & 819 with chant; fair. [Connelly*rw-MA]

621 | CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN | RNE1 synchros, OCT 7 2213 - fast Spanish teletalk; getting around strong WZON. [Connelly*O-MA] + OCT 12 0046 - // 684 with talk; loud. [Connelly*rw-MA]

684 | SPAIN | RNE1, Sevilla, OCT 12 0045 - man & woman in Spanish; good with WRKO phased. [Connelly*rw-MA]

711.04 | WESTERN SAHARA | Laayoune, OCT 7 2125 - man with serious sounding Arabic talk. [Connelly*O-MA]

747.5 | unID | OCT 7 2207 - weak jamming-type signal, hetted by 747.0 (Canaries or Burkina Faso). [Connelly*O-MA]

783 | MAURITANIA | Nouakchott, OCT 7 2156 - // 4845 with shrill female vocal, drumming, stick-banging, and picked string instrument (like a ukelele); big signal. + OCT 7 2300 - rustic male Arabic vocal and plucked strings; loud. [Connelly*O-MA] + OCT 12 0006 - // 4845 with man
in Arabic; good. [Connelly*rw-MA]

818.15 | unID | OCT 11 2319 - weak wobbling FM'ing carrier on low side of Morocco-819. [Connelly*rw-MA]

819 | MOROCCO | RTM, Rabat, OCT 11 2319 - // 207 & 612 with chanting; fair. [Connelly*rw-MA]

836 | AZORES | RDP, Pico da Barrosa, OCT 11 2321 - orchestral music; weaker than adjacent 837 Canaries. + OCT 12 0005 - news by woman in Portuguese; very good. [Connelly*rw-MA]

837 | CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN | COPE synchros, OCT 11 2321 - man & woman in Spanish; very good. [Connelly*rw-MA]

882 | CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN | COPE synchros, OCT 7 2153 - Spanish news discussion; fair to good. [Connelly*O-MA]

891 | ALGERIA | Algiers, OCT 11 2233 - bits of Arabic vocal; barely over a second station. + OCT 12 0038 - serious-sounding male Arabic vocal, violins; good, through R. Progreso slop with WBPS phased. [Connelly*rw-MA]

981 | ALGERIA | Radiodif. Algerienne, Algiers, OCT 7 2149 - Arabic male vocal; fair, fading up. [Connelly*O-MA]

1008 | CANARY ISLANDS | Las Palmas, R. Las Palmas / RadioVoz, OCT 7 2311 - oldies including Mama Cass doing "Dream a Little Dream for Me"; good. [Connelly*O-MA]

1044 | MOROCCO | Sebaa-Aioun, OCT 11 2226 - rustic Arabic or Berber music with shouting, flutes, and strings; good. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1053 | MOROCCO | Tanger, OCT 11 2228 - Arabic vocal at low audio level on big carrier. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1062 | NIGERIA, Onitsha | OCT 7 2315 - African vocal and drumming; to fair peak. [Connelly*O-MA]

1107 | SPAIN | RNE5 synchros, OCT 11 2248 - slow romantic "Muzak" with interspersed talk by man in Spanish; to fair peak. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1116 | SPAIN | SER synchros, OCT 12 0036 - Spanish teletalk; fair. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1134 | SPAIN | COPE synchros, OCT 11 2221 - musical fanfare, COPE mention; fair to good with WBBR phased. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1179 | CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN | SER synchros, OCT 11 2250 - SER Spanish teletalk; to good peak over unID. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1206 | FRANCE | France Bleu, Bordeaux, OCT 7 2144 - French talk just slightly over a second station. [Connelly*O-MA] + OCT 12 0034 - disco female vocal; good. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1251 | LIBYA | Tripoli, OCT 12 0029 - Arabic vocal; in slop. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1296 | SPAIN | COPE, Valencia, OCT 11 2216 - fast Spanish talk; slightly over others. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1385.92 | GUINEA | R. Rurale, Labe, OCT 7 2135 - drumming and chanting starting to fade up over WPLM splatter. This got quite strong about an hour later. [Connelly*O-MA]

1467 | FRANCE | TWR, Roumoules, OCT 11 2213 - religious choir, then preaching (sounded like southern US English); poor, in WZOU slop. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1521 | SAUDI ARABIA | BSKSA, Duba, SEP 29 0312 - a cappella male Koranic vocal; fair through WWKB slop. [Connelly*B-MA] + OCT 11 2202 - // 9870 with group male Arabic vocal, strings, and percussion; increasing in strength up to S9+25 by 2210 UTC. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1530 | SAO TOME E PRINCIPE | VOA Relay, Pinheira, SEP 25 0337 - talk (// 7105) about military helicopters, then a piece of the musical "Oklahoma" was played and the announcer said "It's bright and sunny here at the VOA news booth at the Oklahoma State Fair."; through nulled WSAI. [Connelly*B-MA]

1548 | KUWAIT | VOA, Kuwait City, SEP 25 0118 - pretty good with 'VOA news desk' mention, into discussion about doctors. [Connelly*B-MA]

1550 | ALGERIA | RASD Clandestine, Tindouf, OCT 11 2204 - Arabic newstalk by man, then telephone interview about Israel and Palestinians; good / dominant. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1575 | SPAIN | SER synchros, OCT 11 2206 - poor with news in Spanish. + OCT 12 0032 - woman with Spanish newstalk. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1584 | CEUTA | RadiOle, OCT 11 2207 - Spanish pop vocal (not // SER-1575); dominant. [Connelly*rw-MA]


526 | BAHAMAS | ZLS, Stella Maris, OCT 8 1018 -"ZLS" code beacon; good, getting by RVC-530. [Connelly*Y-MA]

530 | TURKS & CAICOS | R. Vision Cristiana, OCT 8 0830 - ID "R. Vision Cristiana, la emisora de Dios" then phone numbers for Paterson, NJ and Santo Domingo, D.R. Local-like signal, better than the NYC and Boston 50 kW's. [Connelly*Y-MA]

535 | GRENADA | GBC, St. George's, OCT 7 2240 - bits of talk in RVC slop. [Connelly*O-MA]

555 | ST. KITTS & NEVIS | ZIZ, Basseterre, OCT 7 2233 - Caribbean English talk about upcoming programs, local governmental issues. [Connelly*O-MA]

570 | CUBA | R. Reloj, OCT 8 0206 - Reloj program; over other LA (probable HIMS or YVLX). [Connelly*Y-MA]

600 | BRAZIL (t) | R. Gaucha, ZYK278, Porto Alegre, OCT 7 2230 - Portuguese talk mixed with likely Venezuelan; both over CKCL. [Connelly*O-MA]

600 | CUBA | R. Rebelde, CMKV, Urbano Noris, OCT 8 0204 - // 620 with "You Are So Beautiful to Me" by Joe Cocker, then Spanish talk; good. [Connelly*Y-MA]

600 | VENEZUELA | R. Sucre, YVQB, Cumana, OCT 12 0018 - interview or phone-in about Venezuelan political issues. [Connelly*rw-MA] + OCT 7 2230 - probably this with apparent Venezuela mentions; in mess with Brazil. [Connelly*O-MA]

610 | COLOMBIA | Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia, Uribia, OCT 8 0200 - good "Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia" ID; over WIOD. [Connelly*Y-MA]

620 | ANTIGUA | ABS, St. John's, OCT 11 0014 - bluesy Caribbean vocal, then "Antigua ... ABS" ID, into soca; good with WZON nulled. [Connelly*rw-MA]

620 | CUBA | R. Rebelde, Colon / Moa, OCT 8 0204 - // 600 with Joe Cocker song; good. [Connelly*Y-MA]

630 | CUBA | R. Progreso, OCT 8 0202 - // 640 with Latin American jazz vocal. [Connelly*Y-MA]

630 | PUERTO RICO | WSKN, San Juan, OCT 7 2228 - Spanish political speech mentioning dollar costs, power, Puerto Rico; good, way over WPRO/CFCY. [Connelly*O-MA]

640 | CUBA | R. Progreso, Guanabacoa / Las Tunas, OCT 8 0202 - // weaker 690 with jazz-style Latino vocal; excellent. [Connelly*Y-MA]

640 | VENEZUELA | Union R., YVQO, Puerto La Cruz, OCT 7 2317 - // 1090 with Spanish interview about police matters; fair with others. [Connelly*O-MA]

650 | COLOMBIA | RCN Antena Dos, HJKH, Bogota, OCT 8 0109 - Colombian sports. [Connelly*O-MA] + OCT 11 2349 - "Antena Dos Colombia" ID; over unID religious station. [Connelly*rw-MA]

660 | CUBA | R. Progreso, CMHG, Santa Clara, OCT 8 0209 - // 640 with festive music; over/under WFAN. [Connelly*Y-MA]

670 | CUBA | R. Rebelde, CMQ, Arroyo Arenas, OCT 8 0809 - nostalgic vocal // 680; over WWFE/others. [Connelly*Y-MA]

670 | VENEZUELA | R. Rumbos, YVLL, Caracas, OCT 8 0210 - Rumbos doorbells, talk; slightly over Cuba. [Connelly*Y-MA]

680 | CUBA | R. Rebelde, OCT 8 0809 - // 670 with old-fashioned Spanish vocal; through nulled WRKO. [Connelly*Y-MA]

680 | PUERTO RICO | WAPA, San Juan, OCT 7 2245 - Puerto Rican political speech by woman // WSKN-630; good through phased WRKO. [Connelly*O-MA]

690 | ANGUILLA | Caribbean Beacon, The Valley, OCT 7 2202 - // 6090 with preacher who talked about friends in the Dallas area who helped him with a Bible translation computer program. Dominant over Fortaleza, Brazil. [Connelly*O-MA]

690 | CUBA | R. Progreso, Jovellanos, OCT 8 0202 - // 640 with Latin American jazz vocal. + OCT 8 0809 - "onda de la alegria" slogan. [Connelly*Y-MA]

700 | JAMAICA | RJR, Montego Bay, OCT 8 0819 - reggae vocal; slightly over HJCX/WLW mix. [Connelly*Y-MA]

705 | ST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES | Kingstown, OCT 7 2253 - Caribbean English shouting by man; fair. [Connelly*O-MA]

710 | CUBA | R. Rebelde synchros, OCT 8 0748 - // 1180 with romantic vocal, then a female announcer mentioning a program of traditional music; atop WOR. [Connelly*Y-MA]

720 | JAMAICA | RJR, Kingston, OCT 8 0822 - reggae female vocal "Something I Want"; atop CHTN and a Spanish-speaking station. [Connelly*Y-MA]

720 | VENEZUELA | R. Oriente, YVQE, Porlamar, OCT 11 2336 - old-fashioned Spanish vocal mentioning Porlamar, announcer "ahora en Oriente", song mentioning several rivers including the Orinoco, then many Oriente ID's; huge local-like signal, demolishing CHTN. [Connelly*rw-MA]

730 | MEXICO | XEX, Mexico City, OCT 8 0815 - "musica buena, la equis" slogan, then female vocal with brass instrumentation; dominant. [Connelly*Y-MA]

750 | BRAZIL | Brasilia or Belo Horizonte, OCT 7 2255 - Portuguese talk; under Venezuela. [Connelly*O-MA]

750 | VENEZUELA | RCR, YVKS, Caracas, OCT 7 2255 - Spanish talk about changes in the Venezuelan government; way over Brazil. [Connelly*O-MA]

760 | BRAZIL | R. Record, ZYH888, Fortaleza, OCT 7 2210 - Portuguese preaching; over WVNE daytimer. Up to huge level at 2216 UTC with WVNE now off. [Connelly*O-MA] + OCT 11 2245 - Christian folk vocal, then Portuguese talk by man and woman who alternated saying a couple of sentences (psalms ?) each; strong. [Connelly*rw-MA]

760 | COLOMBIA | RCN, HJAJ, Barranquilla, OCT 7 2256 - // 770 with Colombia sports talk; now over Brazil. [Connelly*O-MA] + OCT 11 2351 - "supermercado" ad, man talked about contraband and then mentioned "Banco de la Republica" and "oro" (gold). Slogan "Radio Suceso, RCN" followed. Huge signal. [Connelly*rw-MA]

770 | COLOMBIA | RCN, HJJX, Bogota, OCT 7 2256 - // 760 with talk about Colombian futbol; killing WABC. Low growl noted from something on 769.78. [Connelly*O-MA]

780 | BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS | ZBVI, Roadtown, Tortola, OCT 7 2219 - Caribbean English soca vocal with drumming and organ; slightly over CFDR and South Americans. [Connelly*O-MA]

780 | unID | OCT 8 0814 - one vocal after another with only a timecheck between them: example, at 0814, "cuatro catorce" (4.14) then into a romantic vocal with Colombian-style accordions. It didn't seem to be one of the usual Venezuelans (YVMN, YVOD). [Connelly*Y-MA]

780 | VENEZUELA | R. Coro, YVMN, Coro, OCT 11 2334 - trumpets, several excited Radio Coro ID's; loud and dominant. [Connelly*rw-MA]

800 | NETHERLANDS ANTILLES | Trans-World Radio, PJB, Bonaire, OCT 7 2301 - local-like with US English talk about the Garden of Eden. [Connelly*O-MA]

810 | BAHAMAS | ZNS3, Freeport, OCT 8 0806 - Caribbean-accented DJ played "The First Cut is the Deepest" by Rod Stewart and some other '70s / '80s era tunes; good, over likely HJCY with WGY nulled. + OCT 8 1015 - Caribbean English religious talk by woman, John the Baptist mentioned; alone on channel during a pre-dawn "Bahamas pipeline". [Connelly*Y-MA]

810 | BRAZIL | R. Verdes Mares, ZYH589, Fortaleza, OCT 7 2302 - Portuguese interview or talkshow; slightly over mess. [Connelly*O-MA]

810 | COLOMBIA | R. Net, HJCY, Bogota, OCT 8 0105 - futbol Colombia versus Paraguay; huge signal. [Connelly*O-MA]

810 | PUERTO RICO (t) | WKVM, San Juan, OCT 7 2220 - Spanish religion in mess with Brazil and others with WGY phased. [Connelly*O-MA]

820 | unID | OCT 8 0805 - maybe a Cuban here with a buzzing signal (jammer ?); killing WNYC. [Connelly*Y-MA]

830 | CUBA | R. Reloj, OCT 8 0801 - Reloj news and time program mixed with WCRN. [Connelly*Y-MA]

830 | ST. KITTS & NEVIS | TBN, Basseterre, OCT 7 2224 - almost "Halloween like" radio drama about death, hell, heaven, and rejecting Satan; huge, way over WCRN's Irish show. [Connelly*O-MA]

840 | CUBA | CMHW, Santa Clara, OCT 8 0850 - back-to-back romantic Spanish vocals; way over WHAS. [Connelly*Y-MA]

860 | BRAZIL | R. CBN, ZYJ459, Rio de Janeiro, OCT 11 2354 - sporting event in Portuguese; briefly dominant before yielding to YVYE and CJBC. [Connelly*rw-MA]

860 | VENEZUELA | R. Enlace 860, YVYE, Valle de la Pascua, OCT 7 2305 - woman with advert for business in Valle de la Pascua, promo. for local musical event, then R. Enlace ID; loud / dominant. [Connelly*O-MA]

870 | COLOMBIA | HJSB, Barranquilla, OCT 8 0213 - Colombian "futbol" match; over others. [Connelly*Y-MA]

870 | CUBA | R. Reloj, unknown site, OCT 8 0845 - Reloj news, ticks, and beeps; over/under WWL. [Connelly*Y-MA]

880 | VENEZUELA | Mundial, YVYM, Puerto Ordaz, OCT 8 0104 - Mundial mention; about even with second Spanish talker; both over WCBS. [Connelly*O-MA]

880 | CUBA | R. Progreso, CMAF, Pinar del Rio, OCT 8 0846 - distinctive flute music (// 890); under WCBS. [Connelly*Y-MA]

890 | CUBA | R. Progreso, CMDZ, Santiago de Cuba, OCT 8 0214 - huge with samba jazz and vocal // 640; no trace of WBPS. [Connelly*Y-MA]

895 | ST. KITTS & NEVIS | VON, Bath Village, OCT 7 2306 - calypso / soca male vocal with brass and drums; excellent. [Connelly*O-MA]

900 | CUBA | R. Progreso, OCT 8 0756, // (huge) 890 with with old-fashioned romantic vocal; dominant over pile. [Connelly*Y-MA]

900 | VENEZUELA | R. Mara Ritmo 900, YVMD, Maracaibo, OCT 8 0100 - Mara and Maracaibo mentions; over jumble. [Connelly*O-MA]

910 | unID | OCT 8 0757 - maybe Cadena Agramonte with Spanish talk about Cuba; mostly under WNEZ/WABI mix. [Connelly*Y-MA]

910 | VENEZUELA | RQ-910, YVRQ, Caracas, OCT 8 0102 - likely this with Venezuela mentions; over others. [Connelly*O-MA]

920.17 | COLOMBIA | Emisora Fuentes, HJAA, Cartagena, OCT 7 2308 - most likely this with Spanish talk and het against CJCH/WHJJ groundwave and unID LA on 920.0. [Connelly*O-MA]

940 | CUBA | R. Reloj, OCT 8 0755 - RR beeps, ticks, news in Spanish; atop CINW and probable XEQ. [Connelly*Y-MA]

950 | CUBA | R. Reloj, OCT 8 1020 - Reloj program; under WROL. [Connelly*Y-MA]

960 | COLOMBIA | CARACOL, HJOP, Magangue, OCT 8 0217 - Colombia futbol match; over mess. [Connelly*Y-MA]

1000 | COLOMBIA | RCN, HJAQ, Cartagena, OCT 8 0218 - // 760 with sports; fair. [Connelly*Y-MA}

1010 | BRAZIL | R. CBN, ZYH625, Fortaleza, OCT 7 2312 - Portuguese talk; mixed with Spanish station (YV ?) and WINS. [Connelly*O-MA]

1020 | unID | OCT 7 2314 - second Spanish station (guesses: Nanduti or Calendario) almost even with usual YVRS. [Connelly*O-MA]

1020 | VENEZUELA | Mundial Margarita, YVRS, La Asuncion, OCT 7 2314 - brassy salsa music; mixed with second station. [Connelly*O-MA]

1050 | unID | OCT 8 0058 - music, then Spanish talk; over WEVD and hetted by 1050.3 station. [Connelly*O-MA]

1050.3 | unID | OCT 8 0054 - lively Spanish vocals with no breaks; at times this was totally bulldozing WEVD. [Connelly*O-MA]

1060 | CUBA | CMDX net, Baracoa, OCT 8 0744 - // 1070 with mellow folk vocal; good. [Connelly*Y-MA]

1070 | CUBA | CMDX net, Guantanamo, OCT 8 0744 - // 1060 with folk vocal; mixed with other Latin Americans. [Connelly*Y-MA]

1070 | VENEZUELA | Mundial Zulia, YVMA, Maracaibo, OCT 8 0046 - Mundial Zulia ID; over CBA & Latin American jumble. [Connelly*O-MA]

1080 | VENEZUELA | R. Barcelona, YVQJ, Barcelona, OCT 8 0045 - absolutely local-like with Radio Barcelona ID; no trace of WTIC. [Connelly*O-MA]

1090 | VENEZUELA | Union R., YVSZ, Caracas, OCT 7 2317 - // 640 with Spanish interview about police and obtaining permits; excellent over 1088/1089 hets, no WBAL. [Connelly*O-MA]

1100 | ANTIGUA | R. ZDK, St. John's, OCT 8 0044 - Caribbean English reggae-soca female vocal; over rumble with Brazil / Colombia / others. [Connelly*O-MA] + OCT 11 2224 - reverberated talk, then segment of soca song. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1110 | VENEZUELA | R. Carupano, YVQT, Carupano, OCT 7 2323 - monster signal with merengue, talk "en Carupano ... Venezuela", then slow romantic female vocal. [Connelly*O-MA] + OCT 11 2325 - huge with slogan "Radio Carupano, la emisora de la buena suerte". [Connelly*rw-MA]

1140 | VENEZUELA | La Voz del Caribe, Porlamar, OCT 7 2320 - Spanish talk about churches in or near Porlamar; excellent. [Connelly*O-MA]

1160 | BERMUDA | VSB3, Hamilton, OCT 8 0042 - // 5975 with BBC talk about the US presidential campaign; over others. [Connelly*O-MA]

1170 | COLOMBIA | CARACOL, HJNW, Cartagena, OCT 8 0224 - Colombian sporting event; dominant. [Connelly*Y-MA]

1180 | CUBA | R. Rebelde, OCT 8 0748 - // 710 with romantic vocal, then woman in Spanish talking about traditional music; excellent, way over WHAM. [Connelly*Y-MA]

1190.32 | unID | OCT 11 2327 - off-channel station with Spanish talk; in WLIB slop. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1200 | VENEZUELA | YVOZ, Caracas, OCT 8 0040 - Venezuelan political interview with a professor; over WKOX. [Connelly*O-MA]

1260 | unID | OCT 8 0038 - serious Spanish talk by man; slightly dominant over mess including other Latin Americans. [Connelly*O-MA]

1269.8 | unID | OCT 8 0037 - Latin American station with growl against pile of stations on 1270.0. [Connelly*O-MA]

1280 | BERMUDA | VSB2, Hamilton, OCT 7 2332 - interview with a young girl (Ann) about reasons to join the church; way over usual WADO and possible Brazil. This 1 kW station was almost pegging the S-meter ! + OCT 8 0036 - religious program with an Irish-influenced hymn; way over WADO. [Connelly*O-MA]

1290 | VENEZUELA | R. Puerto Cabello, YVLF, Puerto Cabello, OCT 7 2337 - rhythmic Latino vocal, two good R. Puerto Cabello ID's; way over WRNI-RI. [Connelly*O-MA]

1320 | PUERTO RICO | NotiUno, WUNO, San Juan, OCT 7 2334 - emotional Spanish political speech about Puerto Rico; good with WJYT (Spanish domestic) nulled and not much CKEC because of auroral conditions. [Connelly*O-MA]

1360 | unID | OCT 8 0034 - Spanish, in jumble with WLYN nulled: maybe YVTI Maracaibo that has been heard previously. Hetted by Spain-1359. [Connelly*O-MA]

1370 | unID | OCT 7 2338 - Spanish talk over WDEA/WFEA for a while. A Venezuelan is suspected. [Connelly*O-MA]

1375.02 | ST. PIERRE ET MIQUELON | RFO, OCT 12 0033 - female folk vocal in French with acoustic guitar; excellent. [Connelly*rw-MA]

1380 | VENEZUELA | Ondas del Mar, YVNG, Puerto Cabello, OCT 7 2343 - dance style group vocal, Ondas del Mar ID, then ballad; excellent. [Connelly*O-MA]

1390 | VENEZUELA | R. Fe y Alegria, YVZA, Caracas, OCT 8 0033 - Fe y Alegria ID, then segments of different vocals interspersed with talk; good with WPLM phase-nulled into the mud. [Connelly*O-MA]

1470 | VENEZUELA | R. Vibracion, YVSY, Carupano, OCT 7 2357 - plaintive male Spanish folk ballad, then Radio Vibracion ID; loud ! [Connelly*O-MA]

1480 | unID | OCT 8 0030 - likely Puerto Rico with non-stop Spanish vocals; mixed with WSAR. [Connelly*O-MA]

1510 | unID | OCT 8 0020 - Spanish talk under semi-local WNRB. [Connelly*O-MA]

1510.51 | unID | OCT 8 0020 - weak het against 1510.0: probably of South American origin. [Connelly*O-MA]

1540 | unID | OCT 8 0013 - probably Bahamas here with oldies; through nulled WPTR during auroral conditions. [Connelly*O-MA]

1550 | COLOMBIA | R. El Sol, HJCB, Barranquilla, OCT 8 0015 - Barranquilla mention, then Radio El Sol ID; good. [Connelly*O-MA]

1560 | unID | OCT 8 0010 - Spanish vocal mixing with WQEW; Puerto Rico suspected. [Connelly*O-MA]

1590 | VENEZUELA (t) | OCT 8 0008 - Spanish talk with mentions of Venezuela briefly through WARV-RI. [Connelly*O-MA]

Bruce Conti went up to Camden, Maine for a DXpedition that happened to coincide with major auroral activity. Note some of the rare catches made ...

Pan American DX

610 COLOMBIA R.Dif.Nacional de Colombia, Uribia OCT 9 0430 - Good; "...frequencia de la Radio Difusora Nacional de Colombia," folk music. [Conti-ME]

610 TRINIDAD & TOBAGO ICN Port of Spain OCT 9 0425 - Fair; BBC World Service // 5975. [Conti-ME]

670 VENEZUELA R.Rumbos, Caracas OCT 9 0232 - Excellent; "En Radio Rumbos, la emisora de Venezuela, diez, treinte dos minutos," salsa and merengue music. [Conti-ME]

700 BRAZIL R.Nova Eldorado, Sao Paulo OCT 8 2240 - Good; woman in Portuguese with Eldorado mention, urban contemporary music. [Conti-ME]

700 VENEZUELA R.Sur, Puerto Ordaz OCT 9 0237 - Good; "la senal gigante" ID, merengue and urban contemporary music. [Conti-ME]

720 VENEZUELA R.Oriente, Porlamar OCT 8 2300 - Excellent; "Desde Porlamar, isla de Margarita... transmite Radio Oriente, 720 AM," promo for Realidades program on "Radio Oriente, la senal de Venezuela." [Conti-ME]

750 BRAZIL unID OCT 8 2315 - Guitar instrumental waltzes under RCR Venezuela. [Conti-ME]

800 NETHERLANDS ANTILLES PJB R.Transmundial, Bonaire OCT 9 0259 - Excellent; "En 800 del dial, el mensaje diferente a travez de Radio Transmundial, desde la isla de Bonaire, Antillas Holandesas" and inspirational music. [Conti-ME]

850 PUERTO RICO WABA La Grande, Aguadilla OCT 8 0300 - Fair; "850 AM... Waba, la grande" and Latin American nostalgic vocals, over/under WEEI. [Conti-ME]

860 BRAZIL R.CBN Rio de Janeiro OCT 8 2330 - Fair; assumed this with news in Portuguese. [Conti-ME]

860 VENEZUELA Enlace 860, Valle de la Pascua OCT 9 0030 - Good; "Musicales 860" nostalgia program, "Valle de la Pascua... Enlace 860" ID and "musical" jingle. [Conti-ME]

870 VENEZUELA Puerto la Cruz OCT 9 0025 - Fair; "En Barcelona, Puerto la Cruz,... 870 AM," Latino pop/salsa, frequent time checks. [Conti-ME]

890 VENEZUELA R.America, Valencia OCT 9 0040 - Poor; shouting Radio America IDs heard through R.Progreso-Cuba. [Conti-ME]

900 BARBADOS CBC Bridgetown OCT 9 0050 - Good; announcers in Caribbean-accented English with Guatemala vs. Barbados football play-by-play. [Conti-ME]

900 VENEZUELA Mara Ritmo 900, Maracaibo OCT 9 0108 - Fair; "Muy pronto, Mara Ritmo 900" and Zulia mentions, "hora de Venezuela" time checks, accordion/cumbia music, over/under Barbados. [Conti-ME]

920 COLOMBIA Cartegena OCT 8 0218 - Poor in SAH; sign-off "...desde Cartegena, Colombia" with anthem, then off-frequency SAH gone leaving Venezuela in clear. [Conti-ME]

920 VENEZUELA YVQX Porlamar OCT 8 0230 - Good; continuous bachata music, many equis IDs. [Conti-ME]

930 URUGUAY CX20 R.Monte Carlo, Montevideo OCT 8 0250 - Fair; "CX20 Radio Monte Carlo" IDs, full ID "...transmite CX20 Radio Monte Carlo, Montevideo, republica... Uruguay" over/under domestics. [Conti-ME]

940 PUERTO RICO WIPR San Juan OCT 9 0115 - Good; political talk, "emisora... Puerto Rico" and "en Puerto Rico" mentions, over Venezuela. [Conti-ME]

950 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC R.Popular, Sto Domingo OCT 9 0138 - Good; lottery numbers, "El Noticiero Popular... Radio Popular" promo, salsa and merengue. [Conti-ME]

1000 BRAZIL R.Record, Sao Paulo OCT 9 0150 - Good; assumed this with a preacher in Portuguese. [Conti-ME]

1000 VENEZUELA Mundial Mil, Moron OCT 9 0200 - Fair; "sintonia de... Radio Mil AM" and salsa fading in over Brazil. [Conti-ME]

1020 VENEZUELA Mundial Margarita, La Asuncion OCT 9 0210 - Excellent; "Margarita primera en sintonia... a Mundial," Latino pop music. [Conti-ME]

1050 unID OCT 7 2150 - Fair in SAH; French Creole with mentions of FM and AM, "Info... Popular," and promos or ads with French Caribbean music. [Conti-ME]

1060 COLOMBIA R.Delfin, Riohacha OCT 7 2200 - Fair; jingle and ID, "Transmite Radio Delfin, HJLY, en la bande AM" with fanfare into program of exitos. [Conti-ME]

1070 COLOMBIA Emisora Atlantico, Barranquilla OCT 7 2214 - Good; jingle and time check, romantic vocals. [Conti-ME]

1080 VENEZUELA R.Barcelona, Barcelona OCT 7 2216 - Excellent; "En Radio Barcelona, siete diesiseis," merengue music. [Conti-ME]

1090 VENEZUELA Union Radio, Caracas OCT 7 2217 - Excellent; "Union Radio Noticias con mas informacion" and news. [Conti-ME]

1110 VENEZUELA R.Carupano, Carupano OCT 7 2225 - Good; "La emisora de la buena suerte" slogan, ads, announcements, IDs, over unIDs. [Conti-ME]

1130 VENEZUELA R.Ideal, Maiquetia OCT 7 2259 - Good; ad for supermercado in Maiquetia, "1130 AM... Ideal romantica" into light adult contemporary music. [Conti-ME]

1140 VENEZUELA La Voz del Caribe, Porlamar OCT 7 2305 - Fair; "desde Margarita... la Voz del Caribe" over an unID merengue music station. [Conti-ME]

1160 BERMUDA VSB3 Hamilton OCT 7 2310 - Good; BBC World Service news // 6175, over an unID religious station (Caribbean Lighthouse-Antigua?). [Conti-ME]

1170 COLOMBIA CARACOL Cartagena OCT 7 2315 - Fair; Caracol ID in futbol play-by-play. [Conti-ME]

1190 VENEZUELA 1190 AM Estereo, Barinas OCT 7 2326 - Fair; many "hora de Venezuela" time checks, "estereo" mentions, accordion/cumbia music, over/under WLIB. [Conti-ME]

1200 VENEZUELA R.Tiempo, Caracas OCT 8 0000 - Excellent; "Emisora Radio Tiempo... exactamente las nueve de la noche," mentions of distrito federal and Falcon, talk about television entertainment. [Conti-ME]

1220 BRAZIL R.Globo, Rio de Janeiro OCT 8 0028 - Fair; Globo jingles, whistling, man in Portuguese, and Billy Idol song over an unID Latin American station. [Conti-ME]

1280 BERMUDA VSB2 Hamilton OCT 8 0037 - Fair; assumed this with religion over unID Latin American and domestic stations. [Conti-ME]

1290 VENEZUELA R.Puerto Cabello, Puerto Cabello OCT 8 0040 - Good; classic salsa by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, then "Atencion! Atencion!... de Radio Puerto Cabello donde esta la noticia" with fanfare into news. [Conti-ME]

1300 PUERTO RICO WTIL R.Util, Mayaguez OCT 8 0106 - Fair; "Desde Mayaguez, esta es WTIL Radio Util, 1300 kilohertz" and romantic music, over an unID Latin American easy listening music station. [Conti-ME]

1480 PUERTO RICO WMDD Fajardo OCT 8 0140 - Fair; "Salsa con Clase" promo, local ads, pop/merengue music, over/under WSAR. [Conti-ME]

1500 VENEZUELA R.Dos Mil, Cumana OCT 0157 - Fair; Radio Dos Mil ID and romantic music over WTOP. [Conti-ME]

1520 unIDs OCT 9 0340-0400 - Dueling Latin American stations, one with light inspirational music, the other with Spanish rock music and many 344-1520 telephone number announcements but no IDs. [Conti-ME]

1580 VENEZUELA YVRQ relay, unknown site OCT 8 0210 - Fair; merengue and salsa // 910 YVRQ. [Conti-ME]

1630 ARGENTINA Red 92, Buenos Aires OCT 9 0410 - Good; mix of Spanish and US pop music, including Spanish remake of Mouth & Mac Neal "How Do You Do?" [Conti-ME]

Bruce Conti, Camden ME; R8B, MWDX-5, 60-m wires sloping east and south.

some comments and logs from Jean Burnell of St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada ...
Hi Mark,
Things are hopping here, too! I was out on the evening of the 6th (Friday) specifically to hear the special broadcast from the new Norway tx on 153 kHz. I got that one, but almost nothing else. The wire was really doing nothing for northern Europe even though it was pointed roughly at Scotland. However, I could hear stuff off the side that made me realize that with a few coat-hangers pointing south I would have been hauling in major DX. Even 1340-CJLS, which normally dominates the freq unless one uses a pretty directional set-up, was inaudible. ZBM2 was alone except for some SS QRM. By the way, ZBM2 is on 1340.07 kHz these days, and I was very surprised to hear them go into a PP program at 2230 UTC.
>Here are a few examples:
>1280 Bermuda ... loud !
I think I heard the Rio station here, but I didn't pause to log anything on this freq.
>I heard LA's on channels where I've never noted them before: something on 1560 with WQEW
I logged this one on 1560, too. I had WRHC here last December, but this time I could not squeeze an ID...sounded like a Florida SS station, though, with SS rap and slick Latino mx. Jim, I'll have a few logs for you tomorrow.


153 NORWAY NRK, Ingøy, OCT 1 2046-2058 - new 100-kW long-wave station located in northern Norway (71º 06'N, 23º 50'E); initially poor in Norwegian mixing with Algeria, but at 2055 dominant with item about Canada; SIO 333. Thanks to Bernt Erfjord in Norway for the early notice on this one. OCT 6 2130-2212 - special program in EE and Norwegian to celebrate this new transmitter in Finnmark; initially beneath Algeria and Germany, but better around 2200 with SIO 333 [Burnell-NF]

657 ITALY RAI Radio 1 synchros, OCT 1 2233 - mixing with Spain; Italian news, "Noturno Italiano" began at 2236; SIO 322. [Burnell-NF]

783 MAURITANIA R.Mauritanie, Nouakchott SEP 23 2023, 2101 - talk in local language, drums and African music at 2026; at 2101 tuned in to news in Arabic; // 4845.40; SIO 444. Thanks to Marc DeLorenzo and Bruce Conti for spotting this, and to Mauno Ritola (Finland) for first ID'ing it. [Burnell-NF]

1188 HUNGARY R. Free Europe/VOA, Marcali, OCT 1 2059 - RFE in Serbo-Croatian with ID's, then at 2100 EE announcement "Voice of America in Serbian" followed by news; SIO 333. Thanks to the many European DXers who reported this by E-mail. [Burnell-NF]

1214.88 ALBANIA R. Tirana, Fllakë, SEP 23 2131 - EE program with frequency announcements and news; SIO 433 over Virgin R. [Burnell-NF]

1332 ENGLAND ClassicGold 1332, Gunthorpe, SEP 23 2234 - multiple ID's and oldies music; SIO 243. [Burnell-NF]

1349.94 GREECE ERA, Pyrgos, OCT 1 2104 - surprise catch; Greek announcements, interval signal, then Greek music. This 4-kW station was better than 981, with which // was later established; SIO 333. [Burnell-NF]

1385.92 GUINEA R. Rurale, Labé, SEP 23 2117 - ads in French and then in a local language for something called "Shambo;" SIO 444. [Burnell-NF]

1431 ENGLAND "The Breeze," Rayleigh, OCT 1 2218 - Promo for "The Double Decade Show...on Breeze" then old pops; SIO 332 [Burnell-NF]

1431 ITALY RAI Radio 2 synchros, OCT 1 2222 - these low-power synchros faded up over The Breeze with the end of an interview then into music; SIO 322. [Burnell-NF]

1458 ENGLAND "Big 14-58 AM," Ashton Moss, OCT 1 2159 - yet another name for this Manchester station; ads, ID, then into Independent Radio News; SIO 333 with QRM from other Brits. [Burnell-NF]

1484.55 ANGOLA EP do Kuanza-Sul, Sumbe, SEP 23 2039-2100, 2140-2204 - initially rap and dance music, PP ID's with ridiculous reverb, later DJ was taking phone calls all in PP, he finally mentioned the location (Sumbe) at 2201; SIO 232 to 343 with QRM mainly from Santander. [Burnell-NF]


630 PUERTO RICO La Súper Cadena (WSKN), San Juan, SEP 24 0818 - couple of ID's through CFCY and other junk; SIO 332. [Burnell-NF]

730 BRAZIL Emissora Rural (ZYI780), Petrolina, SEP 24 0045 - PP talk, ID at 0050; SIO 242. [Burnell-NF]

780 PARAGUAY R. Primero de Marzo (ZP70), Asunción, SEP 24 0136-0143 - SS talk about football, ID at 0142. [Burnell-NF]

850 BRAZIL R. Caraiba (ZYH474), Senhor do Bonfim, SEP 23 2305 - PP sports, muddy ID so let's call this tentative; SIO 332. [Burnell-NF]

870 ARGENTINA R. Nacional (LRA1), Buenos Aires, SEP 23 2300 - faded up over two unID Brazilians, pips, news from Buenos Aires; SIO 333. [Burnell-NF]

890 UNID .SEP 24 0929 - SS romantic music, "La Nueva Amor 8-90" slogan. Anyone know what this is? (I suspect a station west of Venezuela...or a USA station.) SIO 344 but faded away very quickly. [Burnell-NF]

950 ARGENTINA R. Libertad (LR3), Buenos Aires, SEP 24 0219 - "presumed" since no ID, but long list of addresses in Buenos Aires; briefly SIO 332 but then getting chewed up by CHER. [Burnell-NF]

990.02 ARGENTINA R. Splendid (LR4), Buenos Aires, SEP 24 0841 - "Splendid, una emisora con historia" slogan before a tango; SIO 343. [Burnell-NF]

1120 BRAZIL R. Rural (ZYK274), Porto Alegre, SEP 24 0155-0208 - many ID's, coverage of a special event in São Gabriel; SIO 344. [Burnell-NF]

1150 ARGENTINA "R. Continental," SEP 24 0829 - no "Continental" listed here, but I strongly suspect that R. Brigadier López (LT9) must relay the Buenos Aires station; ID with web address, pips and time at 0830, news with lots of Olympic results; SIO 443. [Burnell-NF]

1200 BRAZIL Ceará R. Clube (ZYH585), Fortaleza, SEP 24 0209 - time check, ID, and then talk about television; SIO 444. [Burnell-NF]

1239.98 VENEZUELA R. Nacional (YVNV), Punta Tumatey, OCT 6 2232 - program promo, "RNV Popular" ID; SIO 333 [Burnell-NF]

1250 BRAZIL R. Metropolitana (ZYL367), Vespasiano, SEP 23 2343 - religious meeting, ID's; amazing SIO 444 with some QRM from the usually much stronger CBN station. [Burnell-NF]

1250.04 BRAZIL R. CBN (ZYI218), Vitória, SEP 23 2348 - woman with "CBN" ID, talk about elections; SIO 332 with QRM from R. Metropolitana. [Burnell-NF]

1340.07 BERMUDA ZBM2, Hamilton, OCT 6 2218-2231 - financial report, sung ID at 2222, sports, then program in PP at 2230; SIO 243 [Burnell-NF]

1410 BRAZIL R. São Gonçalo (ZYH467), São Gonçalo dos Campos, SEP 23 2156-2215 - religious-sounding PP talks, some mellow music, ID at 2211; SIO 333. Thanks to Henrik Klemetz and Rocco Cotroneo for confirmation of the ID. [Burnell-NF]

1520 BRAZIL R. Musical (ZYJ499), Cantagalo, SEP 23 2331; 2358-0003 - Brazilian cover versions of 60's pop tunes, frequent jingle ID's; SIO 332. [Burnell-NF]

1570 BRAZIL R. Asa Branca (ZYI798), Salgueiro, SEP 23 2355 - ads, ID as "Rádio Asa Branca, Rádio Povo;" SIO 333. [Burnell-NF]

1580.03 VENEZUELA YVTK?? SEP 24 0057 - promos for various TV soaps, Venez. music, ID's only as "RQ-910" so seems to relay YVRQ on 910; SIO 333. [Burnell-NF]

1600 BRAZIL R. Nove de Julho, São Paulo, SEP 23 2248 - PP talk, ID; SIO 242. [Burnell-NF]

Don Moman, Mickey Delmage, Joe Talbot , and Nigel Pimblett check in from northern Alberta, Canada ...

On the weekend of Oct 7-9 Don Moman, Mickey Delmage, Joe Talbot and I participated in a listening session at Don Moman's location at Lamont, northeast of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The antenna employed was a Beverage of about 500 metres aimed at Europe. October 9th brought one of the best mediumwave European openings of recent years. Interestingly, longwave was inferior to the previous night, when no audio was heard from Europe on MW.

Thanks to Joe Talbot for getting our catches to HCDX promptly, as I knew I wouldn't be able to. Now I've made a first pass through the tapes, here are a few more details on our European MW loggings.
1098 SLOVAKIA, Nitra 0343 Oct 9
Radio Slovensko, with man and woman hosting music program, with interviews. One of the strongest European signals.

1116 ITALY, Radiodue 0412 Oct 9
Tentatively the one with song by a man, then what I'm pretty sure was Italian talk by a woman.

1134 CROATIA, Zadar 0304 Oct 9
Presumed the one in a Slavic language with end of news, into pop/dance tune.

1188 HUNGARY, Marcali 0308 Oct 9
Radio Free Europe programming in Slavic language with speech by a man, then folk
music. RFE ID by a woman just prior to 0330 s/off.

1197 GERMANY, Munich 0316 Oct 9
Talk by a man in a Slavic language. Not sure if this was a VOA or RFE program.

1206 FRANCE, Bordeaux 0405 Oct 9
Program promo, several mentions of "Bleue". Signal was in, often at very good levels, for over an hour.

1215 UNITED KINGDOM, synchros
Virgin Radio, with pop music, several ads, including one for Virgin Trains.

1233 unID 0436 Oct 9
In for a couple of minutes with a man speaking in an eastern European language. Possibly Czech Rep?

1323 GERMANY, Wachenbrunn 0445 Oct 9 Religious program in German. Woman gave an address in Wurzburg near the end of the program. Then followed Voice of Russia interval signal, and sign on in English at 0500.

1377 FRANCE, Lille 0338 Oct 9
Presumed France Bleue with woman speaking in French. Only audible for a couple of minutes, with lots of splatter from 1380.

1395 NETHERLANDS, Lopik 0357 Oct 9
Business News 1395 with great signal off and on for about half an hour, with an internet feature, quotes from Wall Street Journal etc.

1467 FRANCE, Roumoules 0353 Oct 9
Tentatively Trans World Radio with religious program in German. Faded just before 0400, and heard tones prior to another station signing on at 0400.

1548 unID 0324 Oct 9
Bits of audio with talk by a British-accented announcer. Audio came up again at 0340, but then with a play, with American accents, so can't be certain it was the same station.

LW: Iceland, NRS?, 189 khz, Oct 8, 0415 GMT, SINPO: 3,3,3,3,3.
Norway, NRK?, 153 kHz, Oct 8, 0404 GMT, SINPO: 3,4,3,3,3.

Loggings By: Mickey Delmage, Don Moman, Nigel Pimblett and Joe Talbot. at Lamont, Alberta, Canada.
Using 1500' Wire (Europe), 1600' Wire (Europe), 1500' Wire (Pacific), 1200' Wire (South America), 3-30 MHz Rotatable Log Periodic Antenna At 90'.
Various receivers: Icom, Kenwood, Rockwell Collins and Don's new Icom IC-756PRO HF Transceiver with a 5" LCD (Spectrum Analyzer, etc). Signals not amplified.

Could we please ask our European friends assistance in providing corrections and or additions to the LW and MW stations. And please, addresses to the LW and MW stations in a attempt that we may send reception reports. Please reply to [email protected]. Thank You and 73's, Mickey, Don, Nigel and Joe.

Onward to the West Coast with Pat Martin of Seaside, Oregon, USA ...
Drake R8, EWE Antenna, K9AY Antenna

531 1XP1 NEW ZEALAND, Auckland, Samoan programming at 1325 SEP 24 + fair with Samoan mx, u/ 2MC at 1330 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

531 2MC AUSTRALIA, West Kempsey, good with pop music at 1330 OCT 4 + very good w/soft adult and and IDs "New South Wales easy sound" IDs at 1330 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

531 JAPAN, Morioka JOQG good over 2MC w/JJ talk at 1345 SEP 23 + bits of JJ talk u/1XPI at 1325 SEP 24 (PM-OR) + very good with NHK1 programming at 1330 UTC SEP 28, JJ talk. + good with JJ talk at 1330 SEP 29 (PM-OR)

540 2AP WESTERN SAMOA, Apia, very good tonight at 0600 UTC OCT 11 with great island music and man in Samoan. ID at 0601 mentioning 2AP and Samoa. This one has been in about every night of late. Their 10 kW really gets out well. + great S9+20 DB signal with great island music and woman ancr in Samoan at 0645 UTC OCT 13. + good on top with man in Samoan and nice Island mx at 0710 UTC OCT 18 (PM-OR)

540 1XC/2KV NEW ZEALAND, Radio Rhema with ID at 1358 OCT 8, mentioning programming u/o 4QL (PM-OR)

540 4QL AUSTRALIA, Longreach, good with discussion on Olympics at 1335 OCT 8. (PM-OR)

540 JO.. JAPAN, NHK 1 synchros here //531 at 1348 SEP 23 + here w/JJ talk at 1326 SEP 24, u/o domestics + // 531 with JJ talk at 1331 SEP 28. (PM-OR)

549 2CR AUSTRALIA, Orange fair in 550 splash with ABC News at 1300 SEP 24 + good with ABC News at 1302 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

549 2XC NEW ZEALAND, Radio Rhema buried u/2CR //540 at 1359 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

549 JAPAN, Naha, Okinawa, JOAP, fair in 550 splash //540,531 with JJ talk 1332 SEP 28. (PM-OR)

550 KMVI HAWAII, Wailuku, very strong and totally dominant with Sports talk at 0730 UTC OCT 18 (PM-OR)

558 ..... FIJI, Suva good with man in Fijian at 1340 UTC OCT 10. Also noted tonight at 0630 UTC OCT 11 weakly + weaker than Samoa at 0730 UTC OCT 13, man in Fijian (PM-OR)

558 4AM AUSTRALIA, Atherton , fair to good in splash with pops and "4AM" call letter ID at 1335 OCT 4 (PM-OR) + good with pops on top on ABC with Air Supply song at 1350 OCT 8, ID as "5-58 4AM". (PM-OR)

558 6WA AUSTRALIA, Wagin. This must have been the ABC station u/4AM with discussions, ment of ABC at 1352 OCT 8. (PM-OR)

558 D.... PHILIPPINES, prob DZXL, but buts of Tagalog talk way behind JOCR at 1335 SEP 24 (PM-OR)

558 JAPAN, Kobe JOCR poor with JJ talk at 1310 SEP 24 + very strong "local-like" over Filipino with JJ talk and pop music, mentioned Kobe at 1335 SEP 28 + good with YL ancr and JJ pops over jumble at 1328 SEP 29 (PM-OR)

558 PHILIPPINES, Makati DZXL, fair u/JOCR with Filipino talk and "Radio Mindanao Network, DZXL" ID at 1341 SEP 28. (PM-OR)

567 2YA NEW ZEALAND, Wellington, presume the source of the EZL mx at 1336 OCT 4 (PM-OR) +presume the inst. mx u/4JK 1346 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

567 4JK AUSTRALIA, Julia Creek, good with Olympic discussions at 1346 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

567 JAPAN, Sapporo JOIK good // 531 1346 SEP 23 + good with JJ talk //531 at 1335 SEP 28 + good //531 with JJ talk 1332 SEP 29 (PM-OR)

570 KQNG HAWAII, Lihue, very good with talk at 0758 OCT 18 with a promo mentioning "KONG". Way over KVI. (PM-OR)

576 1XLR NEW ZEALAND, Hamilton, good o/2RN with EZL Christian mx. (PM-OR)

576 UNID, soft inst music at 1336 SEP 28. No sign of DUs, so maybe the Russian? (PM-OR)

585 2WEB AUSTRALIA, Bourke, good on top with "2WEB" ID at 1356 in passing OCT 8. (PM-OR)

585 7RN AUSTRALIA, Hobart, good on top of presumed 2XR (Maori music), at 1403 OCT 4 with ABC News. (PM-OR)

585 JAPAN, Kushiro, JOPG fair at 1337 //531 JJ talk SEP 28. (PM-OR)

590 KSSK HAWAII, Honolulu at 0807 OCT 18 with "K-S-S-K" jingle (PM-OR)

594 3WV AUSTRALIA, Horsham, good with ABC News at 1401 OCT 8. Over Radio Rhema (presumed). (PM-OR)

594 JAPAN, Tokyo JOAK good // 567 w/JJ talk at 1340 SEP 23 + "local-like" with strong carrier and audio, JJ talk //531, NHK 1 at 1328 SEP 28 + "local-like" JJ talk //531 at 1334 SEP 29 + good with JJ talk at 1323 OCT 4 (PM-OR)

594 JOAK/ 3WV JAPAN/AUSTRALIA mix here at 1350 SEP 24 (PM-OR)

594 ...... NIUE ISLAND? Very weak signal here at 0725 UTC OCT 13, with man in native language, it sounded like. They sign off at 0830, so I will try again a bit later. (PM-OR)

603 2RN/4CH AUSTRALIA, one of both of the ABC stations with ABC News at 1403 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

603 JAPAN/SOUTH KOREA mix here at 1337 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

612 4QR AUSTRALIA, Brisbane, very good with Olympic coverage discussion at 1410 SEP 24 + good with ABC News at 1401 SEP 29 + good with ABC News at 1402 OCT 4 + "local-like" in signal with Olympic discussion at 1450 OCT 8. (PM-OR)

612 JAPAN, Fukuoka JOLK, fair in splash with JJ talk //567 at 1339 SEP 28. (PM-OR)

620 KIPA HAWAII, Hilo very strong S9+20 DB with Soft Adult and oldies pops. IDs as "620 and 790, It's Rainbow Radio" at 0755 UTC OCT 18 (PM-OR)

621 T2U2 TUVALU, Funafuti, poor in KIPA splash with weak island mx at 0615 UTC OCT 11 + good signal with splash from KIPA, great island mx and woman announcer at 0738 UTC OCT 13 (PM-OR)

621 3RN AUSTRALIA, Melbourne, presume the music in passing at 1342 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

621 UNID, weak music in 620 splash at 1341 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

630 4QN AUSTRALIA, Townsville, ABC News at 1303 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

630 ZK1ZC COOK ISLANDS, poor in jumble in native type talk, some EE at 0710 UTC OCT 13. Domestic QRM (PM-OR)

630 PHILIPPINES, Tagalog talk in jumble at 1338 SEP 28, prob. DZMM (PM-OR)

639 ...... FIJI, Lautoka // 558 w/man in Fijian at 1342 UTC OCT 11, weak. (PM-OR)

639 2CS AUSTRALIA, Coffs Harbour, very good with discussion program at 1415 SEP 24 + discussion about NSW and the South coast at 1410 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

639 JAPAN, Shizuoka JOPB, good on top of mess with EE News at 1400 SEP 28. Was looking for JOWN. It may have been in the jumble underneath, but uncertain as JOPB was strong. (PM-OR)

639 UNID PHILIPPINES here in jumble, man in Filipino at 1415 SEP 29 (PM-OR)

639 UNIDS Several stations here, presume one was 2CS in EE at 1405 OCT 4 (PM-OR)

648 2NU AUSTRALIA, Tamworth good with ABC News at 1304 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

648 JAPAN, Toyama JOIG with QRM from Filipino off channel at 1345 SEP 28. (PM-OR)

648 UNID Bits of garbled audio at 1405 SEP 24. (PM-OR)

648.2a PHILIPPINES, station with Ball game and excited ancr at 1345 SEP 28. Hard to copy with station slightly on high side. + Filipino talk and ball game off freq. at 1420 SEP 29 (PM-OR)

650 KHNR HAWAII, Honolulu, tearing up KSTE with Sports item on UOH at 0815 OCT 18 (PM-OR)

657 NEW ZEALAND, Wellington Southern Star //576 at 1335 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

657 UNID several stations here at 1346 SEP 28 in jumble. (PM-OR)

666 2CN AUSTRALIA, Canberra, good with talk at 1338 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

666 JAPAN, Osaka JOBK //531 with JJ talk, NHK 1 at 1351 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

666 JOBK JAPAN, Osaka // 594 w/JJ talk at 1342 SEP 23 (PM-OR)

666 NEW CALEDONIA, Noumea, fair signal o/2CN at 1332 OCT 8, man in FF + good with man in FF at 1324 OCT 10 (PM-OR)

670 KPUA HAWAII, Hilo, good with talk and a KPUA promo at 0829 UTC OCT 18 (PM-OR)

675 AUSTRALIA, Albury //648 1304 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

675 JAPAN, Synchros here with JJ talk //666 at 1352 SEP 28. (PM-OR)

684 AUSTRALIA, Kempsey 2KP //675 at 1304 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

684 JAPAN, Synchros here also at 1352 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

690 KKUA HAWAII, Honolulu, fair in and out of jumble with Radio Disney at 0845 OCT 18 (PM-OR)

693 AUSTRALIA, UNID, but prob. 4KQ with weak pop mx. Was looking for the NOS station 3EE-Melbourne at 1415 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

693 JAPAN, Tokyo JOAB good with News in EE at 1400 SEP 23 + good and strong with discussion in EE about JJ trains at 1351 SEP 28 + fair with EE News at 1401 OCT 4 (PM-OR)

702 2BL AUSTRALIA, Sydney good with ABC News 1402 SEP 24 + good with ABC News at 1400 OCT 4 + very good with talkback program at 1340 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

702 2BL/JJ AUSTRALIA/JAPAN mix here at 1410 SEP 29 (PM-OR)

702 JAPAN, Synchros //693 with EE talk at 1352 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

711 7NT/4QW AUSTRALIA //702 at 1402 SEP 24 (PM-OR)

711 AUSTRALIA, sounded // to 702 at 1340 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

711 PHILIPPINES, Filipino talk in garbled audio and KIRO splash at 1356 SEP 28. (PM-OR)

720 KUAI HAWAII, Eleele, good and alone with Hawaiian Rock mx and ID at 0859.40 UTC OCT 18 "You are listening to Kauai's KUAI, Eleele, AM-720" (PM-OR)

720 PHILIPPINES, Iloilo City, DYOK, good with ball game and spots at 1357, mentioning "DYOK" in anmt, tearing up KFIR on channel. (PM-OR)

729 5RN AUSTRALIA, Adelaide, very good with folk mx at 1355 SEP 24 + presume the mx in passing at 1349 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

729 JAPAN, Nagoya JOCK, good o/CC with JJ talk , NHK 1 at 1358 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

729 JAPAN/CHINA mix here at 1425 SEP 29 (PM-OR)

738 ..... TAHITI, good with Island mx at 1353 OCT 4 + good with man in FF at 0635 UTC OCT 11. Some KCBS splash + very good and stronger than KCBS at 0645 with great island mx in Tahitian and EE, woman ancr in Tahitian instead of normal FF . S9+15DB. Great signal!! (PM-OR)

738 2RN/TAHITI mix here mostly Tahiti with YL in FF from 1245 until after 1430 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

738 JAPAN, JJ talk, prob Commercial station, Taiwan QRM at 1342 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

738 TAIWAN, Penghu, BEL2, Fishery station. With YL ancr with News at 1402 SEP 28. Very good in Taiwanese. (PM-OR)

747 4QS AUSTRALIA, Toowoomba, // to 711 at 1340 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

747 JAPAN, Sapporo JOIB good with EE News at 1403 SEP 28. (PM-OR)

756 CHINA, CNR 1 , CC talk at 1407 SEP 28 + strong CC talk at 1420 SEP 29 (PM-OR)

756 UNIDs, several stations mixing here in a jumble. Was surprised not to hear 1YA on top at 1446 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

760 KGU HAWAII, Honolulu, caught end of promo at 0806.30 UTC OCT 18 "here on 760 KGU" o/u KFMB. (PM-OR)

765 5CC AUSTRALIA, Port Lincoln, a great signal on top of 2EC (presumed) with "5 Double C" ID by man at 1415 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

765 UNIDS, a jumble of stations in growl, possibly a Filipino at 1411 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

774 3L0 AUSTRALIA, Melbourne good w/ABC News at 1404 SEP 24 + good with ABC News at 1401 OCT 4 +ABC News at 1304 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

774 JAPAN, Akita JOUB // 747 with EE News at 1403 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

783 TAIWAN, Tainan, BED92, presumed the Taiwanese pops and YL ancr in Taiwanese type CC at 1417 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

790 KKON HAWAII, Kealakekua // to 620, way under jumble at 0840 OCT 18 (PM-OR)

792 4RN AUSTRALIA, Brisbane, good with Olympic news discussion at 1357 SEP 24 + presume the source of the ethnic prog of mx at 1337 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

792 CHINA, CC talk at 1419 SEP 28. +"Dongfang BS", good at 1415 with CC talk, mention of Shanghai and "Dongfang" Listed as 50 KW. Reported. New SEP 29 (PM-OR)

801 UNID station weak in splash at 1421 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

810 CHINA? very weak CC talk behind KGO at 1422 SEP 28. I heard and QSL'd a CC here several years back. (PM-OR)

810 UNID Station here in unk language way behind KGO, tried to phase, but after I knocked out KGO, the UNID was too weak. At 1411 SEP 24 (PM-OR)

819 UNID A jumble here at 1413 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

828 JAPAN, Osaka JOBB, good w/EE News at 1403 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

830 KHVH HAWAII, Honolulu, good with talk at 0835 OCT 18 (PM-OR)

837 JAPAN, Niigata JOQK at 1352 SEP 28, JJ talk w/KSWB-840 phased out. (PM-OR)

846 JAPAN, JJ talk here //837 at 1352 SEP 28. (PM-OR)

850 KHLO HAWAII, Hilo, poor in splatter with oldies "Cruisin" slogans. Into "Everybody Loves a Clown" by Gary Lewis and the Playboys at 0851 OCT 18 (PM-OR)

855 3CR? AUSTRALIA, Melbourne, maybe this jazz/drum music above ABC at 1355 OCT 8. (PM-OR)

855 UNIDs, a growl here with several stations at 1418 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

864 4GR AUSTRALIA, Toowoomba, good with pop mx "4GR" ID by man 1407 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

864 JAPAN, Commecial stations here at 1423 SEP 28. JJ Pops (PM-OR)

870 KAIM HAWAII, Honolulu. Solid and dominant with rel program at 0645 OCT 18 (PM-OR)

873 2GB AUSTRALIA, Sydney, good at times with Olympic coverage at 1345 SEP 24 + fair in splash at 1435 OCT 8 with ID "You will here is on 2GB". (PM-OR)

873 JAPAN, Kumamoto JOGB fair with EE News at 1404 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

882 4BH AUSTRALIA, Brisbane, heard well with anmt at 1431, mentioning 4BH OCT 8 (PM-OR)

882 PHILIPPINES, Filipino talk in mess at 1416 SEP 28. DWIZ? (PM-OR)

891 5AN AUSTRALIA, Adelaide, 1232 SEP 2. Fair signal w/ABC News read by woman.+ good at 1415 SEP 24 + very good with ment of of ABC's coverage of Olympics at 1426 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

891 JAPAN, Sendai JOHK, JJ talk at 1419 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

891 THAILAND, Bangkok here at 1350 SEP 28, Thai talk by YL under JOHK. First time heard this season. + beautiful Thai music at 1435 SEP 29 u/o JOHK and woman ancr. This was the best reception of Thailand I have heard in a long time. (PM-OR)

900 KNUI HAWAII, Kahalui, dom. most of the morning with nice Hawaiian pop mx noted at 1335 SEP 24. + very good and alone on channel with nice Hawaiian pop mx. "Hawaii's own KNUI" ID at 0630 OCT 18 (PM-OR)

900 PHILIPPINES, Davao City DXSS, good on to of CKMO and KNUI briefly with ball game at 1345 SEP 29. Mentions of Davao City in EE. Most of the language was more SS that Tagalog with EE borrowings and a little Filipino in there. I heard bits of them the other morning, but even with phasing I could not get it out of the mud u/KNUI. New. (PM-OR)

900 REP KOREA? KK talk way behind KNUI/CKMO at 1430 SEP 28. Unable to ID. (PM-OR)

900 UNID AUSTRALIA, possibly an Aussie here buried mostly by KNUI, who was very strong, accented talk at 1416 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

909 SOUTHERN STAR NEW ZEALAND, Napier presume the soft rel mx at 1344 OCT 8 in splash. (PM-OR)

909 UNIDs, several stations, inc JJ in there at 1429 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

918 JAPAN, UNID Commercial station faded up at 1416 SEP 28, with JJ pops (PM-OR)

918 PHILIPPINES, Filipino talk here at 1354 SEP 29. Presume Metro Manila. (PM-OR)

918 UNID AUSTRALIA, heard Elton John song buried in noise, very weak at 1440 OCT 8, soon lost. (PM-OR)

918 UNID AUSTRALIA? Station here playing Pop mx, but faded before any ID at 1412 SEP 24 (PM-OR)

927 4CC AUSTRALIA, Gladstone, good signal at 1414 SEP 24 with "Four double C" ID. Very nice fade up. (PM-OR)

927 4CD AUSTRALIA, Gladstone, good with pops at 1432 and "927- 4CD" ID OCT 8 (PM-OR)

927 UNIDs, a mess of weak station at 1407 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

936 4PB AUSTRALIA, Brisbane very good in discussions with several passing from 1330-1415 UTC SEP 24 + good with discussions at 1437 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

936 CHINA, CC talk at 1411 SEP 28 + CC talk here at 1417 SEP 29 (PM-OR)

940 KJPN HAWAII, Waipahu, on top of KWRU briefly with JJ Pops at 0725 OCT 18 (PM-OR)

945 H4B SOLOMON ISLANDS, Gizo, good at 0740 OCT 8, with man in Is lang. and mx. (PM-OR)

945 UNID AUSTRALIA? Pop mx at 1418 SEP 24. (PM-OR)

945 UNID, trying to pull weak modulated audio u/JJ here. unk language from 1345-1440, many rechecks. (PM-OR)

954 2UE AUSTRALIA, Sydney, presume the talk in passing at 1407 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

954 JAPAN, Tokyo JOKR, good w/JJ talk at 1347 SEP 23 + fair w/JJ talk at 1340 SEP 24 + good with JJ talk and pops at 1412 SEP 28 + good all morning 1315-1445, fade out with JJ pops and spots in JJ. + fair with JJ talk at 1353 OCT 4 (PM-OR)

963 JAPAN, NHK 1 synchros here good with JJ talk at 1416 SEP 28(PM-OR)

963 JO.. JAPAN, JJ talk at 1351 SEP 23 (PM-OR)

963 RUSSIA, the first Russian I have heard this season. Woman in Russian at 1410 SEP 29 (PM-OR)

963 SOUTHERN STAR NEW ZEALAND, Christchurch, , presume the source of the soft Christian mx at 1410 OCT 4 + great signal w/EZL Christian mx //981 1341 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

963 UNID Pop mx here noted at 1355 SEP 24 (PM-OR)

972 REP KOREA, KK talk at 1327 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

972 UNID AUSTRALIA? Station playing pop mx at 1421 OCT 8. (PM-OR)

981 PHILIPPINES, UNIDs at 1344 SEP 28, Filipino talk in growl on channel (PM-OR)

981 SOUTHERN STAR NEW ZEALAND, Timaru // 963 at 1341 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

981 TAIWAN/CHINA mix here of commercial station in Taiwanese and the mainland station in standard CC at 1421 SEP 29 (PM-OR)

981 UNID, bits of mx at 1336 SEP 24 (PM-OR)

990 KIKI HAWAII, Honolulu, fair with Madonna mx on top of KTMS at 0822 UTC OCT 18. (PM-OR)

990 JORK JAPAN, Kochi, JORK, bits of JJ talk mixed in with domestics at 1342 SEP 24. (PM-OR)

999 UNID Het on 1000, weak audio in LSB in splash at 1428 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

1008 4TAB? AUSTRALIA, Brisbane, Sports talk at 1437 OCT 8. (PM-OR)

1008 JAPAN, Osaka JONR good w/JJ talk and music at 1356 SEP 23 + good all morning with JJ talk from 1315-1415 at least. SEP 28 + good with gal in JJ short bursts of pop mx at 1422 SEP 29 (PM-OR)

1017 2KY AUSTRALIA, Sydney (presumed) in passing with talk at 1433 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

1017 AUSTRALIA/JAPAN, a mix of presumed 2KY and JOLB at 1337 SEP 24 (PM-OR)

1017 A3Z TONGA, really a good signal with woman in EE giving news on the Pacific and Tonga, at 0705. Then at 0710 went into the BBC News, much longer in modulation. The best I have this in years. OCT 13 (PM-OR)

1026 4MK AUSTRALIA, MacKay, good in growl (someone off freq) with pops and 4MK IDs at 1333 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

1040 KLHT HAWAII, Honolulu, presume the source of the preacher at 0915 OCT 18 in passing. (PM-OR)

1053 JAPAN, Nagoya JOAR, fair with QRM from jammer with JJ talk at 1355 SEP 23 + good above jammer at 1411 SEP 28 + good over jammer with JJ talk at 1412 SEP 29 (PM-OR)

1053 JOAR/ JAMMER at 1321 SEP 24. JOAR peaking up from jammer off and on (PM-OR)

1060 KAHU? HAWAII, Hilo, prob the Hawaiian mx weak in the jumble at 0816 OCT 18. (PM-OR)

1062 4TI AUSTRALIA, Thursday Island on top with ABC News at 1302 OCT 8. 5MU presumed underneath. (PM-OR)

1062 DZEC PHILIPPINES, Quezon City. US Pop mx and "DZEC" ID by woman at 1345 SEP 24. This Filipino seems to be the most common of late. (PM-OR)

1071 3CV AUSTRALIA, Maryborough, good with ID as "3CV, Victoria's Best Sound....." at 1410 OCT 8. Haven't heard this in a long time. (PM-OR)

1071 JO.. JAPAN, JJ Talk in passing at 1350 SEP 23. (PM-OR)

1071 UNID Pop mx station here 1351 SEP 24. (PM-OR)

1080 KWAI HAWAII, Honolulu. Local spot for a Shopping Center at 0836 OCT 18 (PM-OR)

1098 V7AD MARSHALL ISLANDS, Majuro, very good with some 1090-Seattle splash, man in Marshallese with news, Mentions of islands, people's names, etc. At 0704 UTC OCT 10. Best heard in a long time. They sounded stronger. Maybe they finally got their TX fixed. In my QSL letter from years ago the manager was looking for transmitter tubes. (PM-OR)

1107 JO.. JAPAN a jumble of weak JJ talk,several commercial stations listed at 1347 SEP 23 (PM-OR)

1107 UNID Odd language u/JJ at 1403 SEP 29, sounded like news, but too much JJ QRM (PM-OR)

1110 KHEI HAWAII, Kihei, with the Sports Fishing spot with offices on Maui at 0753 OCT 18 (PM-OR)

1116 UNID AUSTRALIA, station with talk at 1419 OCT 8. 4BC? Or has 3AK moved yet? (PM-OR)

1134 INDIA? Calcutta, maybe the one u/JOQR/Korea with bells and different type of inst. woman ancr that sounded Subcontinental. Will have to listen to cassette again. CX were not the best for India, but I also thought there was something on 576 that may have been Nepal, but unable to get much. At 1426 SEP 29. (PM-OR)

1134 JAPAN, Tokyo JOQR good with JJ talk at 1322 SEP 24 + good w/JJ talk from 1315-1415 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

1134 UNID PHILIPPINES, weak Tagalog talk here at 1417 UTC OCT 18. This is probably a Southern Filipino,as AU cx were present all morning. Only the "powerhouse" JJs were in rather weak. This might be the Univ. station at Valencia, Mindanao. (PM-OR)

1152 ...... FIJI very good with Island mx and Fijian ancr at 1343 OCT 8. The only Fijians heard this morning were 558, 1152, and 1467. (PM-OR)

1161 UNID PHILIPPINES, very good non-stop Tagalog talk from 1345 to 1415 UTC OCT 18. No ID I could tell on the hour. This was all Tagalog except, when one person was done speaking, the moderator said Thank you vey much" in EE. This did not have a commercial sound and there is a Univ. of Mindanao station listed at Digos, Davao del Sur, DXDS, 1 KW in Southern Mindanao. This is prob. most likely. I may send a cassette tape and the audio is quite good most of the time. (PM-OR)

1179 3RPH? AUSTRALIA, Melbourne, discussion on Yugoslavia and the new gov. there at 1442 OCT 8. (PM-OR)

1179 JOOR JAPAN, Osaka, JOOR, good at 1354 SEP 23, JJ talk + fair in splash with JJ talk several times in passing 1300-1400 SEP 24 + good JJ talk at 1412 SEP 28 (PM-OR)

1206 2GF AUSTRALIA, Grafton, good with pops and a "2GF" ID after the "overnight" net ID at 1425 OCT 8. (PM-OR)

1206 UNID AUSTRALIA?, bits of talk at 1414 SEP 24 2GF? (PM-OR)

1242 JOLF JAPAN, Tokyo, good with male & female JJ talk at 357 SEP 23. + good at 1333 SEP 24, JJ talk (PM-OR)

1278 3AW? AUSTRALIA, Melbourne, weak talk in 1280 splash. Never got strong enough for any understanding of the audio off and on 1320-1430 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

1287 JOHR JAPAN, Sapporo, quite weak JJ talk at 1402 SEP 23. The Southern JJs seemed better this morning. (PM-OR)

1296 4RPH? AUSTRALIA, Brisbane, at 1430 UTC OCT 18. A woman speaking, reading a book, prob. 4RPH I would think. QRN from het, I think there is a Filipino off freq here. (PM-OR)

1296 UNID Strong OC all morning with a wek signal behind it. Maybe 4RPH off? 1330-1430 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

1314 JOUF JAPAN, Osaka, fair with female in JJ at 1336 SEP 2 (PM-OR)

1413 2EA AUSTRALIA, Newcastle, presume the Eastern European sounding lang. in passing 1346 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

1413 JOIF JAPAN, Fukuoka, weak in 1410-1420 splash at 1343 SEP 23 (PM-OR)

1476 UNID EZL mx at several times this morning. Too weak to ID. OCT 8 (PM-OR)

1503 PHILIPPINES here o/u JJ at 1322 SEP 24. (PM-OR)

1503 UNID A strong carrier all morning with a tone. 3AK leaving the channel? No IDs. 1300-1445 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

1512 2RN AUSTRALIA, Newcastle presume the talk at 1352 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

1548 4QD AUSTRALIA, Emerald, good with discussions on Olympics at 1446 OCT 8 (PM-OR)

1575 VOA THAILAND, Bangkok, very strong at 1432 with an ID jingle in EE "VOA" OCT 18. No sign of 891 though. (PM-OR)

1593 ...... NEW ZEALAND, Christchurch, may have been the one heard with non-stop C&W music. No anmts, but format fits and the only C&W listed on

1593. Listened from 1340-1350 with many faded u/o Greek pgming (3RG) and UNID Asian talk (1XCB?- Auckland). At 1350 I heard what sounded like "Kewe" back into C&W mx OCT 4. Does this match "Country 88" format? (PM-OR)

1593 1XCB? NEW ZEALAND, Auckland, UNID Asian language here mixing at 1346 OCT 4. QRM also from Greek 3RG. (PM-OR)

1602 UNID EZL mx at 1356 OCT 4. 2XA? (PM-OR)

1611 UNID, very weak station in noise, mostly buried. Unable to get much audio at 1406 OCT 4. Possibily 2RF. They don't seem to get out as well as other X Banders. (PM-OR)

1629 4RF AUSTRALIA, Brisbane, Greek talk at 1408 OCT 4. Was looking for 4DB-Dalby,but no sign. (PM-OR)

1638 2ME/3ME AUSTRALIA, Sydney/Melbourne, weak mx here at 1411 OCT 4. (PM-OR)

1665 2MM AUSTRALIA, Sydney, weak mx at 1412 OCT 4 (PM-OR)

1670.5 JAPAN, Lighthouse stations, bits of very weak audio at 1422 SEP 29 on LSB at 1669, unable to copy. (PM-OR)

1683a ..... AUSTRALIA, Sydney, Radio Club AM, presume the mx at 1414 OCT 4 (PM-OR)

1692 UNID. Vey weak carrier here right on 1692 kHz. Someone new coming on? No audio at 1358 OCT 4. (PM-OR)

1701 2NTC AUSTRALIA, Sydney, non-stop &W mx at 1418 OCT 4 (PM-OR)
John Bryant reports from the famous DXpedition site at Grayland, Washington, USA ...

John Bryant - Grayland 09.00 DXpedition, September 22-25, 2000,
Grayland Washington, USA
Kiwa-ed NRD 535 receiver, Various two-wire beverages each about 300 meters


531 AUSTRALIA, 2MC Kempsey, SEP 22, 1250-1330, mixing at equal levels with lovely Polynesian programming from 1XPI, Auckland, NZ. [Bryant*WA]

558 AUSTRALIA, 4AM, Atherton, Queensland, SEP 22, 1410-1417, presumed this directional station in Northern Queensland which protects a co-channel in southern Queensland. Phone-in show hosted by male at low level. [Bryant*WA]

594 AUSTRALIA, 3WV, Horsham (pres.) SEP 24, 1220 noted with a phone-in show at good level. [Bryant*WA]

612 AUSTRALIA, 4QR Brisbane (pres.) SEP 22 noted with Aussie-accented talk, fair at 1230, rising to arm-chair levels with a radio play at 1439 [Bryant*WA] Also noted at excellent levels on SEP 24 at same time, and //1548, 4QD. Also noted // 1548 at 1420, SEP 25. [Bryant*WA]

693 JAPAN, JOAB, NHK2, Tokyo SEP 23, 1223 noted as first Japanese of the DXpedition with a Japanese lang. discussion at fair level. Also throughout opening on SEP 24. [Bryant*WA]

702 AUSTRALIA, 2BL Sydney (pres.) SEP 22, 1235. political discussion by males in Aussie-accented EE, good level. [Bryant*WA]

738 AUSTRALIA. 2NR Grafton noted throughout 1240-1440 opening, SEP 22. Sometimes mixing with French programming from Tahiti. [Bryant*WA]

747 JAPAN, JOIB, NHK2 Sapporo heard throughout morning (0900-1430), SEP 24, sometimes at excellent levels. [Bryant*WA]

774 AUSTRALIA, 3LO Melbourne, SEP 22 with RA Metroploitan programming throughout 1240-1440 opening, sometimes at good levels. [Bryant*WA]

774 JAPAN. JOUB, Akita, SEPT 23, Excellent level throughout morning opening (1230-1430) with various NHK2 programs. Also heard throughout opening on SEPT. 24. [Bryant*WA]

792 AUSTRALIA, 4RN Brisbane. SEP 22, 1440 heard at good level with pops music program at band fade. Also noted at 1250, SEP 25. [Bryant*WA]

828 JAPAN, JOBB, Osaka, SEP 25, 1330 with NHK2 programming at good level. This outlet was heard but not noted on SEP 23 and 24 also. [Bryant*WA]

846 KIRIBATI, T3K1, Naranakei, SEP 24, 0907. Presumed this one here with continuous island music, 0907, SEPT.24. [Bryant*WA]

873 JAPAN, JOGB, Kumamoto. SEP 24, 1330 carrying NHK2 programming at fair to good levels//828. Also SEP 25. [Bryant*WA]

891 AUSTRALIA, 5AN Adelaide SEP 24, 1330-1340, logged at excellent level with ABC TOH News. [Bryant*WA]

954 JAPAN. JOKR, Tokyo hrd at 1324, SEP 23 with basu baru play-by-play, fair level. By 1305 was at armchair level with pop music show. SEP 24, noted as early as 0900. Also noted at fair/poor levels around 1300, SEP 25. [Bryant*WA]

963 JAPAN. SEP 25, 1327. NHK1 synchros noted with female JJ talk at fair level.

972 KOREA. HLCA, KBS Tangjin (pres.) SEP 23 1246 Korean discussion by M+W at threshold level. Also noted at higher level with pops record show at 1330, SEP 24 and with TOH pips and ID at 1200, SEP 25. [Bryant*WA]

1008 JAPAN. JONR, Osaka SEP 23 Discussion program building to excellent level by 1330. [Bryant*WA]

1035 JAPAN, NHK2 synchros, SEP 25, 1358 fair with EE lessons. [Bryant*WA]

1053 JAPAN, JOAR, CBC Nagoya peaked briefly just before 1300, SEP 23, then Korean jamming dominated across TOH before JOAR returned with news program with male news reader. [Bryant*WA]

1062 AUSTRALIA, 4TI Thursday Island running ABC RR Service programming as a remote transmitter here at fair to good level, 1420 until band fade at 1445, SEP 22. [Bryant*WA]

1062 KOREA, HLKQ, Chongju (pres.) SEP 25, 1345 heard with EZListening western music at good level. [Bryant*WA]

1098 UNID throughout 1200-1430 opening, SEP 25, very strong OC with possibly a small amount of modulation. Given the conditions, would guess that this was Korean. [Bryant*WA]

1134 JAPAN, JOQR, Tokyo heard at good levels from 1334 to 1427, SEP 23, with teenage programming. Also good at 1342, SEP 24 and SEP 25, 1253. [Bryant*WA]

1242 JAPAN. JOLF, Tokyo (pres.) SEP 23, 1346. Threshold Japanese talk at 1346, SEPT 23. Logged at excellent level, 1330-1410 tune out on SEP 24, also. Noted at good level, 1307, SEP 25. [Bryant*WA]

1278 JAPAN, JOFR, Fukuoka (pres.) SEP 23, 1350 Noted in Japanese at threshold levels. [Bryant*WA]

1287 JAPAN, JOHR, Sapporo SEP 24 0930 with coverage of sporting event (sumo?). Good at peaks. [Bryant*WA]

1296 JAPAN, JOTK, Matsue SEP 24 1246 NHK1 programming heard at threshold level. [Bryant*WA]

1305 KOREA,R. HLSV, KBS Uljin, SEP 23 1355 Korean lang. talk by deep voiced male. Also throughout opening, SEP 25. [Bryant*WA]

1314 JAPAN, JOUF, Osaka SEP 23 1355-1405. Hrd at excellent level with commercials, male voice-over music to end the program and into TOH routine. Same on SEP 24 and with good signal at 1308 on SEP 25. [Bryant*WA]

1332 JAPAN, JOSF, Nagoya SEP 23, 1407. Hrd at excellent level with a teeny-bopper pops show. Heard // 1287 JOHR with sporting event on SEP 24. Also noted with good level at 1308 on SEP 25. [Bryant*WA]

1368 JAPAN, NHK1 synchros SEP 23, 1408. Noted at good level. [Bryant*WA]

1377 JAPAN, NHK2 synchros SEP 23, 1409. Noted with English lessons at fair levels. [Bryant*WA*]

1386 JAPAN, NHK2 synchros SEP 23, 1410. Noted with English lessons at fair levels. Also noted throughout SEP 24 opening. // 774//747 building to excellent level by the time of the NHK2 English language news cast at 1400. Also noted on SEP 25. [Bryant*WA]

1404 JAPAN, Japanese graveyard frequency jumble here at 1405-1430, SEP 23. Same from
1230 on SEP 24. Out of the jumble, probable ID as JOVR Shizuoka with news and music show after 1400, SEP 24. [Bryant-WA*]

1413 JAPAN, JOIF Fukuoka with threshold Japanese language by male at 1410, SEP 23. Heard at good level, TOH pips and ID at 1300, SEP 24. [Bryant*WA]

1422 JAPAN, JORF, Yokohama SEP 23, 1411-1430. Logged with a radio play at excellent level. Noted as early as 0945, SEP 24. Also at good level, SEP 25. [Bryant*WA]

1467 JAPAN, low power NHK2 synchros noted at poor level, 0940, SEP 24 and at good level at 1313, SEP 25. [Bryant*WA]

1475 MALAYSIA, RTVM Kota Kinabalu het noted SEP 23, 1233 for only logging on DXpedition. [Bryant*WA]

1485 JAPAN, Japanese graveyard commercial frequency pile-up noted in passing, 1306, SEP 24. [Bryant*WA]

1503 JAPAN, JOUK, NHK1, Akita SEP 23, 1413. Japanese talk by M+W at good level; similar logging on SEP 24. [Bryant*WA]

1548 AUSTRALIA 4QD Emerald SEP 24, 1435 Superb signal and a Billy Graham-like religio-philosophical interview. Same programming noted on 612, 4QR.Also noted the two in // at 1420, SEP 25. [Bryant*WA]

1566 KOREA, R. HLAZ, Cheju Island SEP 23, 1414 Christian program in standard Chinese. Wall to wall signal at 1300, SEP 24 and SEP 25. [Bryant*WA]

1584 JAPAN, low power NHK1 synchros SEP 24 1416 Threshold level Japanese. [Bryant*WA]

1593 JAPAN, NHK2 synchros (Matsue or Niigata) noted with Italian language lessons at fair level from 1416-1430, SEPT 23. Also throughout SEP 24 and SEP 25 openings at fair levels. [Bryant*WA]

1602 JAPAN, NHK2 synchros noted with Italian language lessons at poor level from 1417-1430, SEP 23. Also throughout SEP 24 opening. [Bryant*WA]

1683.23 AUSTRALIA, Radio Club AM, Sydney SEP 22 1337-1402 noted here with usual continuous Greek music, running at fair level. In July, they were at 1683.13, so they must be continuing a slow upward drift. [Bryant*WA]

1701 AUSTRALIA, Radio Devine, Sydney. SEP 24, 1230-1330. This ID caught at 1300 by Walt Salmaniw as we all monitored the continuous Hindi programming off and on. Also noted doing rather well on SEP. 25, 1238 [Bryant*WA]

John speaks: "Sept 22 was what I'm told is unusual for this time of the year on the Pacific coast, with reception conditions favoring Australia, almost exclusively. Nothing was heard from New Zealand, the Pacific Islands or, especially, Japan. September 23s dawn was what I'd been led to expect for this time of year: Japan and Korea, with little else available. September 24 was also unusual with BOTH Japan and Australia pounding in simultaneously. Previously, even when I've heard both countries on the same morning, the reception windows have been at different times, with conditions "switching" from Australia to Japan, etc. On September 24, Japan was available on the northwesterly beverage and Australia was available to the southwest at the same time and often on the same frequencies. September 25 was rather disappointing, with reception conditions having deteriorated markedly. Though stations were received from Japan, Korea and - late - Australia, the only really high quality reception was from the Korean peninsula. Looking at all four days, the reception was probably considerably better on MW than we had any right to expect here at the peak of the sunspot cycle. The fact that most trans-Pacific DX was confined to the dawn enhancement period was not very limiting thanks to the relatively shallow angle of the sun in this northerly location. Dawn enhancement lasted at least two hours each morning. Wonderful!"

European DXer Martin Elbe reports on a Denmark DXpedition and antenna-testing session ...
Martin Elbe - [email protected]

I just returned from a DXpedition to Denmark. From 20 to 27 September. I was guest in Wilhelm Herbst's house near Fjerritslev in northern Jutland. Wilhelm bought an old farmhouse up there in the middle of nowhere. And he converted the farmhouse into a DX-receiving station. On an area covering 4.4 hectares he constructed a lot of antennas. Apart from some longwires (25 and 44 meters, a 6 m Vertical) there are the following Beverage antennas:
150° 160m
180° 140m
195° 160m
210° 160m
220° 120m
230° 90m, in Winter up to 290m when the neighbouring farmers don't need the fields.
245° 80m, in Winter 270m.
260° 80m
270° 75m
280° 75m, in Winter 250m.
290° 80m
300° 90m
315° 240m
330° 175m
345° 330m
0° 330m

OK, in northern Finland or Sweden an antenna of 80m is not regarded as a Beverage antenna, but don't let us be more catholic than the pope. ;-) All antennas are supported either by bamboo sticks or by tomato-sticks, height about 1.5m, the antennas are grounded via a resistor at the end. And then there are antennas for FM-DX (an 8-element Yagi with Rotor and TV antennas). Alone on FM more than 1300 stations from 32 countries were logged so far. Not bad at all! Anyway, a nice selection of antennas to choose from, and Wilhelm rents out his home as a "DX-Hotel". He has 3 guestrooms and space for 3 DXers to listen. Accommodation is cheap, in summer it's 90 DKK (less than 11 US$) per day, in winter it's 120 DKK. Interested? Contact Wilhelm Herbst, Husbyvej 183, DK-9690 Fjerritslev for more information.

All antennas can be selected via switchboards. I had my Wellbrook K9AY with me to compare the performance of this antenna in relation to the Beverage farm. Concerning the K9AY here are some quotes of Wellbrook's Webpage,
The Wellbrook antenna provides a cardioid reception pattern with up to 30dB front-to-back ratio over a very large bandwidth. The antenna uses two Delta Loops with a reversible beam direction to provide a 360 degree coverage.

A unique feature of the K9AY, is the Remote Controlled Variable Termination. This allows the user to optimise the null during changes in the arrival angle of interfering signals and provides a considerable improvement in reception quality.

The K9AY is specifically designed to simplify the construction of this Loop antenna. The K9AY comprises of two assemblies: Antenna Control Unit, and an Antenna Head Unit.

The Antenna Control Unit provides the antenna control functions, supplies the power to the Antenna Head Unit, and feeds the signal to the receiver. A 10-15dB Broadband Amplifier is fitted. The Antenna Head Unit provides the variable antenna termination, Beam Reversal and the Loop selection electronics. Integrated into the Antenna Head Unit is a 9:1 Balun. This Balun has the feeder winding isolated from the antenna so that the antenna is magnetically coupled to the feeder. This reduces antenna/feeder interaction and mains borne noise from TVs, computers etc.

The K9AY antenna uses a coaxial feeder cable without an antenna tuner. Low noise performance is assured because there is no antenna return path to mains earth. The K9AY, is also suitable for non-directional shortwave reception and will provide far lower noise performance (similar to the T2FD) than an equivalent length Longwire antenna. The electronics are encapsulated in synthetic resin to form a weatherproof construction. Comprehensive operating and installation instructions guide the user to a easy and safe erection. The K9AY is supplied complete with an Antenna Control Unit, Antenna Head Unit. To operate the K9AY, the user must provide a 12 volt regulated Power Supply, antenna wire, the 50 ohm feeder cable and the twin lead control wire.

· Up to 30dB F/B ratio 60kHz to 2MHz · Lower noise than Longwire · 2 Loops for 360 degree coverage · Coaxial feeder reduces local noise · Variable Null depth control · Static discharge path to earth · Rotary beam direction control · Optional 10-15dB amplifier
· Omni-directional up to 30MHz · Weather proof construction

This antenna was originally designed in the US by a radio amateur, Gary Breed - K9AY, and has been used successfully used by radio amateurs and medium wave listeners. The unique feature of the K9AY is the constant high front to back ratio over a very large bandwidth. The K9AY is probably the only medium size passive antenna that can provide a significant improvement to medium and long wave reception.
The antenna simply requires up to two 25m wire Loops. A single 8m vertical support is required such as a tree. However, it is important that the antenna is erected away from buildings and sources of interference. The K9AY only requires an area of 9m x 9m to complete the erection. Thus, it will fit into most gardens.

So much from Wellbrook. To erect the Loops I had my Spieth-mast with me. That's a telescopic fiberglass mast, fully erected 10m high, collapsed a little bit over a meter long and about 1.5 kg of weight. For earthing I used a 1m long copper pipe, the earth was rather wet, so that seemed to be enough. On sandy soil, rock or under other poor earthing conditions you may use a counterpoise instead. Both loops had a length of 20 meters. My fault that I did not take more with me, I think a little bit more wire would have given better signals.

Construction was rather simple. First I hammered a broom-stick into the soil. Then I connected both loops at about 7m height at the mast. Then I erected the mast and putted it over the broom-stick. Then I used 4 tomato sticks to fix the loops around the center mast. That proved to be a bad solution. Next day I went to Fjerritslev in order to buy 4 tent pegs instead. I couldn't find any, so I bought 4 Kebab spits and a Nylon rope. With that I could easily fix the antenna.
Of course the Spieth-mast bended like a bow, but that's pretty normal and just an aesthetic problem. The mast sometimes tends to collapse under windy conditions, so I fixed the elements with a bit of force. No good idea: That turned out to be really bomb-proof when I dismantled the antenna after a week and there was a lot of swearing and four-letter words until the mast was fully collapsed. :-) Better use a bit of tape to fix the elements.

Setting up the antenna took me about 40 minutes from unpacking till the antenna was up. Another 20 minutes to run all the cables through the house to the antenna head. All in all less than an hour and I was ready to listen.


Now to the results. My main interest is MW from Canada and USA, and there the K9AY was inferior compared with the Beverage-antennas. In about 80% of all cases the Beverage had a louder signal with absolutely no background noise. In 10% of the cases both where on par and the rest the K9AY had the edge. Mostly in cases where European splatter was strong, like KNR Greenland on 650 kHz. But the hammering signals of CHVO 560, VOCM 590, VOWR 800 or CJYQ 930 were more impressive on the Beverages. S-meter pegged to S9+20 dB is an impressive show! Nothing can top this. But when I compared the K9AY to the two longwires there were worlds among these antennas. The K9AY had always the edge (valid for SW stations too). Compared to the longwires the K9AY was much more immune against any kind of noise. Even in this quiet surrounding this was an issue. The more in a noise-infested surrounding! When listening on the 9 kHz European channels the K9AY was very often better than the Beverage antennas. For example I heard HLAZ Korea on the K9AY almost like the proverbial local station. Simply by "switching off" County Sound, and then HLAZ was on top. Nothing on any of the Beverage antennas! Simply because County Sound was audible on any antenna. OK, with a phaser it would have been easy to phase out County Sound, but without one you could forget Korea. Next example: 1557 kHz, Family Radio from Taiwan. Again, I "switched off" France, and in the remaining mess of Croatian and UK stations they came through. Nothing on a barefoot Beverage antenna. Wilhelm tried it with his SEM phaser, reception then was on par with my K9AY. OK, in these cases there was no Beverage pointing towards Asia available, only the backbeams of some antennas. But even when the desired station was in the beam of the Beverage it was not always possible to get this station. An example was 1314, with the powerhouse from Norway and Italy sharing frequency. Not a beep from Italy on the 180° Beverage, with the K9AY I could switch back and forth between Italy and Norway. If you're interested, I made a real audio file (91 kB) of this and you can listen for yourself. No problem at all when you use a phaser, but the pure Beverage didn't make it. Amazing, but reception during daytime was usually better on the K9AY than on the Beverage-antennas. E.g. R. Bloemendaal, 1116 kHz, came in best on the K9AY at 1340 UTC. Or the UK local "Fresh AM" on 936 kHz was absolutely in the clear on the K9AY, while on every Beverage there were traces of Radio Bremen.


I had expected that the K9AY would show at least a little bit of directivity on 90 and 60m. But no, it behaved like an omni-directional antenna. In every case better than the longwire, but the Beverage-antennas had better signals. On some frequencies one could separate stations easily with the Beverages. E.g. 11955, where I had Angola in French and a Chinese speaking station. Switching to the 180° antenna left nothing from the Chinese, only Angola was audible. Another example was 11925 kHz, R. Bandeirantes and a Chinese. The K9AY brought good and strong signals, very clean. But compared to the appropriate Beverage it came only out as second winner. Only on very high frequencies the K9AY had the edge, WJFP on 25870 kHz was audible only on the loop.

In general, the K9AY turned out to be an excellent performer, able to beat the Beverages in some cases. But: Who of us has the space to erect 16 Beverages? But many of us will have a piece of garden of 8x8 meters! If you have a garden, you should really consider this antenna!