DXpedition Sites: Orleans, Cape Cod, MA

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map of Orleans sites


sample log report (S. Orleans)


South Orleans, MA: Town Landing, off Route 28, 0.3 km N of Tar Kiln Road
(GC= 69.991 W / 41.735 N)

One can usually DX in relative seclusion at the tree-sheltered site right off busy Route 28. I have had some of my strongest Middle Eastern, North African, and southern European receptions from here. Latin Americans can also do well when there's a bit of aurora. This is truly a high quality location. When Sudan-1296 cruises in at better than S9 during its 0300 UTC sign-on, you know you've made a good site choice for an impromptu car DXpedition. The distance to the shoreline varies considerably with the tide. At low tide time, wire antennas may be viable during autumn and winter (when boating activity tapers off).

South Orleans, MA site: view 1 (east)

South Orleans, MA site: view 2 (northeast)


Orleans, MA: Town Landing at east end of Portanimicut Road
(GC= 69.969 W / 41.754 N)

Orleans has got to be one of the greatest towns in Massachusetts for DXers and boaters alike because of its generous number of freely-accessible town landings. The Portanimicut Road site is good to Europe and great to Africa, Brazil, Suriname, the Guianas, and the eastern Caribbean. Walking into the adjacent marsh is discouraged, so stick with a loop / whip cardioid array on top of the car.

Orleans, MA - Portanimicut Road site: view 1 (southeast)

Orleans, MA - Portanimicut Road site: view 2 (south)


Orleans, MA: beach area / landing near northeast end of Tonset Road, at Weeset Road
(GC= 69.953 W / 41.81 N)

This is an excellent site for sunset-period DX from Europe and the Middle East. Most operation will be with car-mounted antennas, though wires up to 30 m may be used if you put them in less-likely-to-be-walked areas and if you make them hard to see.

Orleans, MA - Tonset Rd. / Weeset Rd.: view 1 (southeast)

Orleans, MA - Tonset Rd. / Weeset Rd.: view 2 (east)

Orleans, MA - Tonset Rd. / Weeset Rd.: view 3 (east)


Orleans, MA: Nauset Beach
(GC= 69.936 W / 41.787 N)

This is an excellent site for DXing Europe in autumn and winter during the optimum sunset - 1 hour to sunset + 2 hours reception window. If you don't have too much company, you may be able to string some wires if you can work around the crude chicken-wire fences that are supposed to deter people walking on the dunes.



Eastham, MA: Fort Hill Park
(GC= 69.962 W / 41.819 N)

Great view from an elevation of about 100' / 30 m above sea level. This site is good for European, Middle Eastern, and African DX. You could probably string out some good wires here in autumn / winter.

Eastham, MA - Fort Hill Park: view to northeast

Eastham, MA - Fort Hill Park: Cape Cod National Seashore sign

Eastham, MA - Fort Hill Park: view to southeast

Loop & Whip Cardioid Array on car at Fort Hill Park - Eastham, MA

mobile DX shack


North Chatham, MA: old WCC site on Route 28 near Old Comers Road
(GC= 69.981 W / 41.704 N)

This is the former receiving site for RCA (later MCI) maritime station WCC that operated on 436 and 500 kHz and numerous shortwave frequencies. The site is on a small hill overlooking Ryder's Cove. Some of the towers and buildings remain. Towers at the transmitting site in South Chatham have been demolished. The town now owns both sites.

North Chatham, MA - MCI-WCC sign and pine grove at old WCC receiving site

North Chatham, MA - one of the remaining towers at old WCC receiving site (2 SEP 2000)


South Yarmouth, MA: Windmill Beach - River St. at Willow St.
(GC= 70.20 W / 41.65 N)

This is a great little site overlooking the Bass River near its mouth. Salt-marshes, the western end of West Dennis Beach, and open ocean are just beyond. With a car-roof-mounted loop / whip cardioid antenna set-up and a suitable receiver, you can milk out the excellent Africa, South America, and Caribbean pick-up this site has to offer just after local sunset. I've heard more Brazilians from here than from any other US site (Duxbury comes in second in that regard).

South Yarmouth, MA - overview of entrance to Windmill Park / Beach, looking east

South Yarmouth, MA - Windmill Beach: mouth of Bass River


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