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Home of the FISTS CW Club Code Buddy Program
This site was created to provide a meeting place for both FISTS members and non-members.  All visitors that are interested in the perpetutation of CW (Morse Code) and/or becoming better CW operators are welcome.  The FISTS CW Club (International Morse Preservation Society) sponsors a Code Buddy Program for all hams in North America.   If you have a desire to learn or improve your CW skills, or if you are interested in helping others, please explore some of the above pages.  (Note - All pages have been temporarily removed).

We have been experiencing problems (forms, email, etc.) with this site and are trying to correct them or look for an alternative site. Please write to the Code Buddy Coordinators via USPS at the address below and include your contact information. Sorry for this inconvenience.
John W9EM FISTS #4127 (Webmaster)
W3GR FISTS #9275 - HEMARC (Code Buddy Coordinators)
For Code Buddy Information write
PO Box 1693 - MS 4015
Baltimore, MD 21203
Members of the Historical Electronics Museum

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"What Hath God Wrought!"  Numbers 23:23
The first telegraphic message by Samuel F. B. Morse - Sent on May 24, 1844

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