Spider and web Listing of some Meteor Scatter, HSCW, WSJT & VHF Web Pages

NOTE - This list is not exhaustive! Each of these pages has links to other excellent HSCW and VHF DX pages! Use this list as a starting point for finding the material you want.
Note also that at the end of this list are a number of general meteor info sites, plus a listing of other, non-radio sites, but which shoud be of interest.
At this time, the list, like most of these pages, is far from complete. Please come back in a couple of weeks. We hope to have some of the main Weather-related sites, etc., listed soon (either from this page, or more likely as a separate set of listing). Thanks.

Rein, W6/PA0ZN

W6/PA0ZN HSCW Hub Web Site

"North American HSCW 'Hub' Site"
- This site contains nearly all of the important documents on HSCW operation.
            (And if not, there should be a link to the others).
- Your starting point for HSCW MS information, especially for North American operators.
- MS_DSP documentation, Tips, interface circuits, Web sites.
- "Hot News and Announcements" page, updated often, whenever there's news (see above).
- Links to other major HSCW and VHF sites, world-wide.
- Primary Site: http://www.nitehawk.com/rasmit/ws1_15.html
- Mirror Site: http://www.qsl.net/pa0zn/hscw.html
- EME, SETI and Radio Astronomy: http://www.nitehawk.com/rasmit/
- New material often added.

Bernie, DK3XT/AB7IY

"Make More Miles On VHF",
- An award-winning "Best Site". Hyperlinks to many excellent MS, VHF, propagation, etc Web sites.
- MS/HSMS Links
- Email lists of active stations in North America and Europe.
- Also contains a lot of other VHF related information - (aurora, weather, etc etc)
- Software links, etc. for different programs

- Primary Site: http://www.meteorscatter.net
- Mirror Site: http://www.qsl.net/dk3xt/

Bob Dodson, WB5APD

-HSCW contact "flow chart" (very handy!)
-Other HSCW and WSJT material being added regularly.
- http://www.qsl.net/wb5apd primary site.
- http://www.alltel.net/~wb5apd mirror site.
- http://www.qsl.net/wb5apd/wsjt-fsk441.html. A number of web pages just for WSJT mode meteor scatter. It has links to just about everything on his web site that is related to the WSJT mode.

OH5IY Home Page

- Author of MS-Soft meteor scatter software, which can be downloaded here. A necessary program for all MS operators.
- Note - be sure to read all of the text files that are bundled with it!

Randy, WA5UFH

WA5UFH's WSJT page
- bar graphs of many QSOs made, and some helpful files for beginners of WSJT.

Paul, N1BUG

N1BUG Radio World
Aurora Sentry - http://aurora.n1bug.net/
- Circuits various helps, alternate methods for HSCW.
- Also has other EME/VHF and up information.
- Z-Track (excellent moon-tracking program, many features)
- Great aurora link. EME section. Other VHF-DX sections, etc.

- Primary Site: http://www.n1bug.net

Andy Flowers, K0SM

K0SM's High Speed MS and VHF Page
- Information, turorial, and transmit files for using Cool Edit, a visual method of copying the code.
- HSCW sound files.
- Simple interface and HSCW station block diagram (using CoolEdit).
- Links to other HSCW sites.

- http://www.qsl.net/k0sm/

Chris, N0UK/G4JGC

- HSMS Audio clips.
- Grid Location procedures, and More.
- LINUX User!
-N0UK/G4JGC: http://www.chris.org/Amateur-Radio-VHF.html

Ping Jockey Central

- This interactive page allows exchange of short MS-related messages among operators in near real time.
- Usually used for setting up quick skeds.
- The usual page for making WSJT (and other modes) MS skeds.
- JT44, other real-time sked pages.

MS Rocks Live

- This interactive page allows exchange of short MS-related messages among operators in near real time.
- Usually used for setting up quick skeds.
- Try it! (And see top of its page for other real-time VHF propagation links).
-(Note new URL for this site)
-Also, if your Internet provider has installed a Web cache in the line, you may have to refresh the page manually. Be aware of this possible problem.
- http://www.dxworld.com/hsms.html

Matt, KB0VUK

- Sporadics chart. (Important for HSCW work - take a look at it).
- English version of CWMSTXRX.

Maarten, W1FIG


Robert, KR7O/YB2ARO

- Latest version of K7CA's CW keying program.
- Various sound files.
- HSCW Contest Rules.
- (Norcal WSWSS activities & KR7O/YB2ARO homepages)

Kent, WA6TBO

- General information.
- Links.
- W3SE: http://www.qsl.net/w3se

Web site of MS_DSP author, 9A4GL

- Author of MS_DSP.
- (For Manual and "Operating Tips", go to the Primary North America Site). (Also available here).

Jim, KM5PO (ex-KD5BUR)

- A number of zipped wav files there.
- Interesting photos and stories about the first North American portable HSCW operations.
- Soon adding commercial aspects of Meteor Burst Technology.

KM0T's site

- His work on HSMS.
- KM0T http://www.qsl.net/km0t


WA6AMT Meteor Scatter Page
- Meteor Scatter site with emphasis on HSMS.
- Mirror site for HSMS Software.
- W6AMT http://www.amt.org/Meteor_Scatter/

Mike, AF9Y

AF9Y's EME and Weaksignal Page
- Home of the FFTDSP program for viewing extremely weak signals (necessary for EME. Can also be used for monitoring meteor beacons).
- EME, SETI, DSP etc
- AF9Y: http://www.webcom.com/~af9y/

Interesting URL list

Listing of several MS and related sites
- Listing of several MS and related sites
- http://www.ados.com/~morrissd/Radio_HSCW.html

Dave, W5UN

W5UN EME and Weak Signal Page
- CWKey (at last check, not yet modified for HSCW keying).
- SkyMoon moontracking program (with skynoise map).
- EME and Weak Sig Info (including EME beginners' section).
- W5UN: http://web.wt.net/~w5un/

Watch this site for a new kit (JUDSP-3) that is said to include both a very sharp (EME-type) audio filter and a complete HSCW send-receive unit!

(Nothing further is known at this time - check it out for yourself).


- The K10 programmable keyer semi-kit (IC and PC board), at a very reasonable price, is said to do everything the CMOS Super Keyer does, and more!
- Thus should be a great method of transmitting both normal speed and also High Speed CW. Has Beacon features.
- Watch for a review of it soon.

Shelby, W8WN

The strange pages of W8WN.
- The Hot News page for MS, HSMS, WSJT, and VHF DX news and information. - Backup site for some (not all) of the HSCW papers found on the Main NA HSCW site.
- WSJT information, help files, links. - Accessory files. - Writeups on WD8KVD and the late W4HJQ.
- Links to HSCW Web sites, visual meteor Web sites, sprite Web sites, propagation, etc etc sites.
- Coming - ARES-related pages, severe weather documents, and other things.

Some general (visual) meteor Web sites:

The International Meteor Organization (IMO)
NAMN, North American Meteor Network
NAMN Guide "Meteor Showers and their Observation"
The American Meteor Society (AMS)
Gary Kronk's Web page
Nine Planets Web site
Sky and Telescope
the Cosmic Mirror of Daniel Fischer

For those of you interested in extra reading on Leonids, check out the following:
Reports from the Leonids MAC project, Dr. Peter Jenniskens
2002 Predictions by Robert McNaught and David Asher
2002 Predictions by Dr. Peter Jenniskens
2002 Predictions by Esko Lyytinen, Markku Nissinen and Tom Van Flandern
You may also wish to check out the older Web sites of David Asher and Robert McNaught, who are revolutionizing meteor shower predictions with their dust-trail model of the Leonids shower.


Space Weather

Includes sunspot information, meteor counts, auroral news, other information
A major source of all sorts of data for propagation interests. http://www.spaceweather.com.

North American VHF and up Records.

Latest claimed North American Records.

Sprites, Elves, Jets, etc

(If you are not yet familiar with these "strange creatures", perhaps you should take the time to look at the following pages. This subject may have implications for Es propagation, tornadogenesis, mesoscale convective complexes....)

SpriteHere is a major site on sprites from the University of Alaska.
This is a large site with a lot of material, so it takes a while to load everything. But worth the time!

And here is another site, by a pioneering group. Includes a "how to spot sprites" section.

NASA's CAMEX hurricane study has also yielded sprite data.

More sites, on general information on meteors and showers, plus on VHF propagation (auroras, Es, etc) and some other helpful subjects, will be added as soon as possible.
Severe weather sites, etc, planned soon; will probably have the hyperlinks not in this list but in another one from a different page.
Last update, 2002 September 03 - W8WN

W8WN's HSMS Home Page