These programs may be necessary, helpful, interesting, or worthless. It depends on what you need. These have been gleaned from various sources and all are freeware, shareware, or donationware. No guarantee is made about anything here, but others have found some of these very worthwhile. Also, if a program is useful, be sure to check its home Web site for newer versions, further instructions, etc.

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DIRECT IO   This is a program that is supposed to allow WinMSDSP, WSJT (and other programs) to control the serial port for transmit PTT operation when using Windows 2000 and possibly Windows NT.
It is not known whether this program actually works or not. If you run Windows 2000 and one of the sound card programs does not control the com port, you may want to try it.
Download directio.exe

QUICKMIX   Do you have to bring up the Windows Mixer panels and reset levels when changing programs? If so, QuickMix can do it for you with 3 mouse clicks. After installing the program, set the mixer channels as needed for a particular program, then save them in QuickMix. Go to another program, do the same thing, saving it with a different file name. Reload any of the settings with a click. Sure saves time if you have to reset for different programs, radios, etc.
Download QuickMix

PT32 LPT, COM and virtual COM (USB adaptor) port PTT utility. To be used with applications incapable of PTT under Windows 2000, XP (e.g MSDSP), or as a "COM port to LPT port router" (for WSJT, etc). From OZ2M.
Download PTT32.ZIP

BEARING-DISTANCE   A standard DOS program for finding distance and direction. Runs well in a window. Newer version - calculates "Q" grids for those down under.

DIMENSION 4   A computer clock-setting program using the Internet. Similar to a number of other programs. Works very well, and perhaps the most popular of the clock-setting programs for VHFers.
Download d4time43.exe
Windows XP users - Trouble running Dimension 4? Trouble with the com port? See WB5APD's Web site for a fix, and other good stuff both for Win XP and other versions of Windows. Also see the two programs near the top of this page.
(The information on using D4 is also available here).
SOCKET WATCH   Another computer clock-setting program, very similar to D4. Shareware.
Download swsetup.exe

CLOCKWORK   Need to set your computer clock but don't have a Web or Internet connection? If you can receive WWV or some other accurate time standard, ClockWork allows you to manually set your computer's clock very accurately. Also, it can be configured to track the computer clock's drift and automatically compensate for that on start-up. Dimension4 and similar programs work better for quick, exact resetting if you have a good Internet connection. If you do not have this, try ClockWork. An older version has been in use here for many years on 4 different computers. Shareware

MORE CLOCK-SETTING PROGRAMS   If the above programs aren't to your liking, here are several more.
AtomicTimeSync. Free. Similar to D4, etc.
Tardis, a shareware atomic clock program that works with Internet sources, or a GPS that outputs NEMA sentences.
Rightime. A DOS program, for those without Internet, like Clockwork (above).
No doubt there are many others out there. These, and the 3 previous, are some that have been used and recommended by a number of people. Most are small programs, download quickly. If one isn't what you need, try another.

TMSP - The Meteor Scatter Predictor   DOS program to give approximate peaks of showers and best times to various grids or directions. Similar to the prediction section of MS-Soft, but a simple DOS program.
Download TMSP

MANALYZER   A meteor-counting program. Counts bursts received on a steady carrier (such as a TV video carrier, FM BC station, etc).

GCMWIN   Great Circle Maps for Windows. Draws a great circle map on the screen, centered on your QTH. Can zoom in and display grid squares, distance rings, etc.

SPECTRAN and ARGO   These are weak-signal detection and viewer programs with a "waterfall" display, similar to FFTDSP.
This type of program is used extensively for CW EME, LOfer DXing, SETI, etc.
The latest version of Spectran should run on most computers and audio boards (but possibly not all).
NOTE - the lastest versions of WSJT also include Spectran, and the two can run together from WSJT's menu.
Argo is the "little brother" of Spectran and does not have all of the extra features of Spectran - only the display. However, it is the display that is usually of most interest.

DX ATLAS   A very good great-circle map program, with grids, prefixes, many enhancements. Newer version available, if you're still running the old one, and it can include IonoProbe's predictions!

METEOR SIM   No meteors, and you want to show someone what the tiny underdense pings sound like? Meteor sim does a fantastic job of simulating these pings!

Z-TRACK   N1BUG's moon-tracking program. Also good for other functions. (And check out the other things on Paul's Web site

W5UN's EME PRIMER   Basic EME information for the beginner. While his EME primer is for CW EME, the requirements for a successful EME contact are similar when using JT44 mode. The only major differences are the transmit periods and the fact that JT44 can be done with a few dB less ERP. This EME primer should be read by everyone new to EME operation.
It can be found at
SCREENSEIZE   A screen grab program to save the contents of a window as a BMP file.

IRFANVIEW   A screen grab program to save the contents of a window as a JPG file. (JPG files are much smaller than BMP files, but of lower quality. JPG screen grabs are fine for nearly all your needs).
Download i_view32.exe

CLOCK2   Novelty screen clock that runs on your Web browser. Doubt that you would want to use it for telling time, but think you'll be fascinated by what it does! Worth downloading just to look at the coding. Author, source unknown.
See clock2.html

EUROPEAN 144 MHZ BAND PLAN<   PDF copy of European 144 MHz band plan, in German.
See European Band Plan chart

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