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       George Eveland, Stafford VA

(I’m not in LA anymore but still miss all the sunshine)

May, 2006

Keeping it  tuned to the AM Window!!!!!


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W8VG is located in Stafford VA – 40 miles south of Washington DC

Started as 12 year old SWL in 1968

WN8HVG (1970-71) – Johnny Novice: 75 watts, Xtal Control, a surplus J38!!!!
WB8HVG (1971-1994) -- Cincinnati Ohio and Portable/Mobile in all US districts except "1 Land"
DA1EV (1985-1988) -- Buerstadt & Worms, Federal Republic of Germany
AA8PF (1994-1996) -- Asbury Park, New Jersey & Stafford, Virginia
W8VG (1996-Present) -- Gate 2 "shortened" version of old callsign

Although not in 8-land anymore, I'm a buckeye--born and raised in Cincinnati area


Sitting in the cockpit of a Navy Corsair 120 feet down—crashed off Oahu in 1945


I'm 49, married, and have a 12 year old son.  Click on links below to see more.


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 My New Motorola R-390 (Non-A)