Check out my Motorola R-390 (Non-A)

Completely Restored by Miltronix




This fantastically restored R-390 was completed for me by Rick Mish as part of his recent R-390 project By cherry-picking modules from his sizable R-390 stock at Miltronix, Rick has created the ultimate restoration of this classic military receiver. Hes completely washed the individual modules, reassembled and re-tubed them, added all new IREC heat shields, repainted and silkscreened the front panel and repainted all the knobs. Meters are brand new replacements.

The case is a brand new, un-issued Signal Corps CY-979A.

The receiver was completely burnt-in by Miltronix and had multiple realignments until Rick was convinced it was stable and ready to be delivered.

It is truly a PRIDE AND JOY!

And by using state of the art test equipment, Rick has it operating better than the day it rolled off the line at Motorola in the early 50s.


Check out Rick and Miltronix at:


Hes an established expert and works nothing but R-390 and R-390As. A quick Google search will turn up some nice shots of his other classic restorations done over the years. Hes literally restored hundreds of these. He also does alignment, repair, and re-manufacturing too.