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Provide audio of each of the prosigns @ 20 WPM character speed & 5 WPM word speed.

Prosigns are ..........................................

Prosigns are multiple characters of the alphabet sent as one continuous character. They indicate specific meaning in usage on the radio.

Prosign meanings:

AR - Out; you are done transmitting and do not expect a reply back from the other station.

BT - a form of saying "....UMMM..." it is used as a filler to gather your thoughts and carry on with more to say; Break (usually used in a NTS traffic net to separate text)

SK - end of work; as in signing clear; frequently used at the very end of a exchange of transmissions

K - Over; as in over to you

KN - Over to you only; usually used in a net

AS - Wait

BK - Break; can be used by NTS traffic handlers to specify a separation in text of a message. It can also be used when ending an exchange to signify to the other operator that you are done transmitting for the moment.

AAA - a period in a sentence.

SOS - an emergency mayday or distress call.

I had even read a fictional account of a Great Lakes steamer's radio operator early in radio's history and the usage of a great many prosigns. He finally had his chance to send SOS, but a new operator at a shore station interpreted it incorrectly. He heard SBS which supposedly meant Send Ball Scores, so he started sending scores of baseball teams, much to the ire of the steamer's radio operator.

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