CW Abbreviations

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OP - Operator (as in name)

OM - Old Man (any male ham is an OM)

ANT - Antenna

BTU- Back To You

U - You

R - can be used in a sentence as the word "are"; or to indicate "Roger"

FB - Fine Business

GA - Good Afternoon or Go Ahead

GM - Good Morning

GE- Good Evening

GN - Good Night

QTH - Location

QRL (?) - The frequency is in use, and can be used in the form of a question, "Is the frequency in use?"

QRS(?) - Can be used in the form of a question to "please send slower?"

QRM - Manmade noise / interference (power line noise, other operators)

QRN - Natural noise / interference (static, lightning crashes, etc)

QSB - fading signals (rising and falling signal strengths due to band/propagation condx)


CFM - Confirm

TU; TKS - Thank You

NR - Near; or Number (usually used in a contest)

WID - With

ABT- About

PWR - Power

HW? - How?, used like How are you?....How do you copy?, etc

CPY;CPI - Copy

HR - Here

MNY - Many

FER - For

VY- Very

CUD- Could


Humorous Q-signals

QLF - I'm sending with my left foot; used tongue in cheek humorously

QEW - I'm having difficulty hearing due to buildup of ear wax.

QRF - Arthritis is acting up today

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