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VOA Leadership

President... ...Jim (KB8KPJ)
Divan Representative... ...Michael Clevenger
Potentate... ...George Kosbab

From the Prez:

Hi Guys

This past Saturday 2 Feb was our new Potentate's Leadership Seminar. Next Saturday 9 Feb will be meeting for Tabloid and I am still asking for someone to be Chairman. Our Divan Rep this year is Michael Clevenger, he is from New England Lodge, I think Wright Chapter, Columbus#8 Council and that other Commandery MV #1.

The day was very good, the speakers gave reports about Aladdin's Lamp, ASHAC, Circus, Membership, Public Relations, Speaker's Bureau, and Tabloid. Jimmy KB8KME (The Outer Guard) was there and we signed him up as our Membership Chairman. Four of us (Don Le Favour WA8OWR, Jim KB8KPJ, Jim WD8MRT, and Jimmy KB8KME) got up when they started talking about the Circus. We said that we have an Act by one of our members from The Voice of Aladdin. Now we are asking that when you come to the Circus to bring all the Duct Tape that you have. Go around to your neighbors and get Duct Tape and wood for we have to build a ‘BALL OF DEATH’. Then our own Dwight Bonifield W8TJT will ride his Harley inside of it.

We will be having a Ceremonial of 4 May 02 and 7 Dec 02. I cannot see when our visitation will be because it is up in the air to have it with the Hamfest. There are two attachments one is a letter about the Bill Anderson show on 13 June 02. The other is a flyer about the Bill Anderson. Ken (WD8MCU) is still working on our website in fact I just e-mail him more today. We still need to hear from you guys on what you would like to see. Last thing is don't forget our meet on 16 March 02 at 1000 at the Temple with other Ham clubs.

C U L 73's

Jim (KB8KPJ)