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  Welcome to our web page for The Western Washington Amateur Television Society. Serving The Greater Puget Sound area in The Great Pacific Northwest.
These pages are maintained by W7TWU.  Please
contact him via E-mail. If in the Seattle area you might make contact through the W7SRZ Repeater System, 146.90 or 443.55. Both require a PL tone of 103.5

WWATS is a group of Amateur Radio Operators who have an interest in Fast Scan Television.  We transmit and receive full color with sound pictures. Program content, may not be like the big commercial boys, but we enjoy sharing our family pictures, building projects, vacation highlights.  In the line of special service we have provided officials with support pictures for the Special Olympics, local parades, sporting events, and Arial shots of forest fires for local firefighters.

Richard Keller

Amateurs Should Be Seen As Well As Heard!

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Oct 1.2002

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