Western Washington
Amateur Television
Society - KC7ZYD

About Us

WWATS is a group of licensed amateur radio operators who have an interest in Fast Scan full color and sound television.  Our society normally meets on the fourth Monday of each month,  7PM at the Bellevue High
School, 10416 Kilmarnok St, Bellevue, WA.  We have a great meeting room located in the television studio of the multimedia center. Kinda sets the stage for ATV. 

The society meets with a on-the-air-net each Thursday  and Sunday at 8PM.  You will find us on the SeaTac
Repeater, 147.08 MHz.  Break in and give us a shout and
find out what is going on in the world of ATV.

Pictures my also be flying through the air on 434 MHz. simplex, or through the repeater on 1.253.250 GHz. The WWATS call sign is KC7ZYD. We coordinate our actions on 146.42 MHz. simplex. 

If you hear or see some action, feel free to Break-in.

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