On October 19, 2017 members of The Laguna Woods Amateur Radio Club assisted The Village's Disaster Task Force with radio communications during The Great Shakeout. This nationwide earthquake drill is held to better prepare citizens to function effectively during an earthquake. Emergency messages were passed from The Disaster Task Force Report Center Coordinators via The Ham Operator assigned to them to The VMS Incident Command Center.

Members who participated were Alan KJ6TXY, Dave KI6CJL, Don K6IAA, Ernie W6ETS, Gabi KG6YWU, Gayle W9GCG, Ian N6RLT, Jim AA6JJ, Jim K6EEE, Lloyd W9LEG, Marty KM6KHK, Ron AE6QU, Street KK6KUG and Tom K6ZMS.

Jim K6EEE coordinated the drill and acted as net control.


On Saturday Oct. 7, 2017 Laguna Woods RACES participated in The City/County RACES & MOU ACS Exercise. Our group manned The Laguna Woods Emergency Operating Center at City Hall. Practice messages were sent and received from The Orange County Emergency Operating Center and Orange County Cities. We sent and received 9 messages via UHF/VHF frequencies, sent and received 9 messages via Winlink, established contact with W6ACS via HF (40 meters) and contacted Laguna Woods Village Security Dispatch via their repeater. Participants were (left to right in the photo) Dave KS6RFI, Jim K6EEE, Don K6IAA, Gayle W9GCG and Lloyd W9LEG. Jim K6EEE and Ernie W6ETS coordinated the drill.




Field Day Activities were celebrated differently this year than in the past. This year we had two Field Day Groups. One group was located at SOARA's site at Gilleran Park and the other group was at our club site in Laguna Woods.

The purpose of the group located at SOARA'S was to promote the advantage of living in Laguna Woods Village and having the opportunity to use all the Ham equipment, radios and antennas that the community provides for it's residents.

This group was heaaded by Grace, KM6JOS. Also serving on this group was Alan, KJ6TXY, Ian, N6RLT, Steve, AI6RP and Ron AE6QU.


The group that manned the clubhouse station, at clubhouse one, was headed by Don KI6AA. A number of contacts on SSB, CW, and PSK were made. Also we had some residents stop by to see our station and equipment most of whom never knew we had an Amateur Radio Station. Other members that manned the station were Mike, KA6VPG, Jim AA6JJ, Lee, K6QAX, Steve, AI6RP, Ron, AE6QU, Street, KK6KUG and Jim K6EEE.