The Laguna Woods Amateur Radio Club has been in existance for more than 40 years and its membership is composed of residents who live in the retirement community of Laguna Woods Village and are licensed amateurs. Our HF transceivers consist of a Kenwood TS 480 SAT and a Flex 3000. These transceivers and our antennas are located at Gate 14. The transceivers are operated by remote control from our shack in Clubhouse 1. The antennas are mounted on a 100 foot tower at gate 14. We have a Cushcraft A4S - a 4 element tribander with a A744 40 meter add on. The beam has a Hygain T2XD Tailtwister rotator with a Green Heron Controller. The beam is mounted at the 100 foot level. We have a Carolina Windom in a inverted V configuration the apex of which is mounted at 30 feet. We also have a G5RV mounted at 30 feet.

At Clubhouse 1 we have various HF, UHF and VHF transceivers and locally mounted antennas. New additions are a Yaesu FTDX 1200 HF/6 M Transceiver and a Icom ID-880H UHF / VHF D Star transceiver.


Panaramic view of valley from Hamnet Omni Antenna approx 90 feet up on tower