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Al Danis
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13 - 27  March 2011 DXpedition to Miquelon  Is.

Grid GN17tc       CQ Zone 5         ITU Zone 9

IOTA NA-032     DIFO FP-002    WLOTA 1417

I operated from FP, St Pierre - Miquelon from about 15 March to 27 March  2011  The operation was digital, mostly RTTY, but some psk125 when time allowed.  QSL were all uploaded through Logbook of the World each evening, and paper QSL cards received have all been responded to as of May 2, 2011.

Many Thanks to Jean-Pierre, FP5CJ,  Eric, KV1J, and Paul K9OT, whom have all been very helpful with information on this location, and their past operations there.  It makes it so much easier to have a little advance knowledge when going to a new place for the first time. 

It looks like there were about 4100 QSO's made during this operation, which included the BARTG RTTY Contest, and the operation was conducted on all bands 160-10, although only a few contacts were made on 160 before the antenna tuner failed, and while I did call CQ many times on 10, it was open only a few times, 12 seemed a much better band.  So far it looks like over 2500 QSO's have been confirmed by LOTW which is pretty good, and more keep coming in each day.  That is a lot of postage saved.  All Paper QSL's received have been responded to as of May 2, 2011, so if you are missing a confirmation, please email me with details, so I can check and see if it can be fixed.

This picture was taken looking from my operating position out the window at the antennas blowing in the snow.  You can just barely see the 10 meter mast in the distance that first had the Granite States multiband dipole, and later had the 80/160 dipole antenna on it because of the blowing snow.  The wind was at least 30 knots, with constant gusts higher so the antennas were in motion all the time, it was a thing of beauty to watch from inside while the pile-ups were full blast.  You can see the water edge just beyod the antennas which is the ocean.  The antenna closest is the Steppir Vertical, which was donated to the site by Nigel, G3TXF (who did make a contact with me during this trip), some years ago, and is still working fine, although Eric, KV1J, and I are improving the top section with Steppir Factory help.


After the Tuner failed, I tried to put up a resonant 160 dipole, and since I had the wire available, I put up a double dipole for 80/160, but after getting it up, it would not resonate anywhere on 160, and I only had the radio to find a point to work from, along with the cold and blowing wind, and no antenna analyzer, so I just gave up on 160 for this trip.  I felt bad, and had high hopes, but it was not to be.  The dipole did work just fine on 80 and 40 for the rest of the trip, and while cut correctly for 160, there was some other factor at work that I did not understand.  Next trip I will take the antenna analyzer and not have that problem again.

** I support the DX Code of Conduct **

When a pile-up is in progress please follow my lead and if I am only sending signal reports, that is all I need from you.  If you are using macro's just make them small please.  If it is very slow and I send name and qth, then it is ok to send the same back to me.  This will allow a pleasurable experience for all of us following the conditions.

This operation will be a 1 person effort, so expect lots of breaks, I do not have the contest staying power I once had, but I expect with high winds, and cold temperatures outside, to have few distractions outside of plain exhaustion to keep me off the bands.  This is my first DX operation in many years, and is something I have been looking forward to for some time.  I plan to make as many RTTY QSO's as I can while there.  My strategy is to work on the WARC bands during the week when possible, and then operate in the BARTG contest over the weekend as much as I can. I will try to work on the highest band that is open, and follow them down in frequency as the day fades.  I plan to be watching the cluster, and when I can, to keep my eye on the  K3UK LOTW sked page to help keep the qso count up.  My goal ts to make as many QSO's as possible, this is not a vacation, but I will need a full night of uninterupted sleep, so expect very little operation between 0300 and 1000 Z


Click here for the running daily blog I made during the expedition


Local Time Zone is GMT minus 2 hours
Current weather

March 15 -  Arrival
March 15 - 27 - On the air (RTTY only)
March 27 - Departure


Icom IC-7000 (50 W)

Tokyo Hy-Power HL1.1K Amp (~300W)

LDG AT-600Pro Antenna Tuner

Ubuntu laptop with Fldigi (Thanks Dave W1HKJ and his great team)



Granite State Antennas  Ultralite Senior 160-10 Dipole

SteppIR Vertical  (Thanks Roger G3SXW and Nigel G3TXF ) 40M through 10M

And other antennas left from past operations as time and wind permits to put up.


My Guestbook

Saint Pierre & Miquelon tourism web site

Saint Pierre & Miquelon information web  

Motel de Miquelon (Maxotel)  Where I will stay. includes webcams

QSL Information

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Direct to home call.  Please include self addressed envelope with $2.  **NO IRC**

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Al Danis
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Chantilly, VA 20153

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