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What is Amateur Radio?
ARRL's primer on Ham Radio offers a great introduction to the world of amateur radio.
Regular FCC License Testing

EBARC, Oakland Radio Communication Association, (ORCA) and Amateur Radio Club of Alameda (ARCA) co-sponsor quarterly American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC) Amateur Radio Test Sessions. Alternatively, the ARRL maintains a list of all affiliated clubs offering exams on their Find An Exam page.


Media Room
Oakland Fire Department
1605 Martin Luther King Jr. Way (at 16th St)
Oakland, CA 94612


Testing for FCC Technician, General and Amateur Extra operator class licenses will take place.


At 9am on the following Sundays for 2020:

What to Bring

What NOT to Bring

Calculators at a VE session are provided by the team (i.e., no personal electronics or calculators are allowed).


More Info

Technician Operator License Preparation & Test Bundle

Please stay tuned for our next upcomming session. In the meantime consult ARRL's Find A Class page

FCC License Test Training Materials

Besides attending classes, reading books and online manuals there are iOS and Android apps, flash cards, and other resources to help you learn. Here are some to get you started:

EBARC Mentoring

If you have questions and need assistance — we can help! Stop by a meeting and someone is sure to have answers.