I was born in Illinois, raised at Terre Haute, Indiana. Spent two and a half years in the Navy during WW2 at the Submarine Base in Pearl Harbor.  I came to Texas in late 40's. Attended school at Longview for a while before moving to Houston.

I worked as a TV technician for a few years, and then worked for about a year on the Navy's Variable Depth Sonar project. I then took the required courses at University of Houston, Texas A&M and the University of Texas to obtain my Vocational Teacher's Certificate. I taught Vocational Electronics at the old Taylor School and then San Jacinto H.S. for ten years. (1954-1964)

I then went into the Electronics Service business, where I repaired everything from small transistor radios to equipment at the Johnson Space Center that was used to map the moon. During this same period, I started Wayne Electronics Manufacturing Co. where I designed and patented *  (3,778,713) a Transistor Tester . I marketed it in the late 60's and early 70's.

After some personal problems, I closed my businesses and went to work for the Houston Chronicle, where I retired in 1991. While there, I repaired and developed new devices for the production of newspapers. I also maintained the Chronicle's Radio Systems. This included pagers, base stations, repeaters, mobiles and a microwave link between two downtown buildings.

 On the side, I designed and marketed an antenna coupling device called the BTL as described on page 120 of CQ Nov. 83 magazine. I also designed and patented *  (4,803,493) the Automatic Resonating Mobile Antenna ). I sold a few antenna semi kits. It's a great mobile antenna, especially on 75 and 160 mtr's. Anyone interested in mobile antennas, that would like to further develop this antenna, get in touch with me. Any old friends, Navy buddies or ex students that read this, please drop me an e-mail.

* Make note of the patent number, click on number, this will take you to the US Patent web page. Then do a search using the patent number. You may need to download: Alterna TIFF Plug-in to view patents.

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