By: Wayne L. Jamison

February 22, 2002 



Could it be that as the physical life has evolved, example from Monkey to Man, that our mental capacity improves with each generation
by the knowledge gained by our parents and past generations? This certainly would explain why some people turn out so smart and others mentally challenged.

We inherit physical traits, so why not mental characteristics. Just think how many people we inherit from, our parents,
four grandparents and each grandparent goes through the same cycle. Our genetic make up is mind-boggling.

Could this explain why some people under hypnosis think they had a past life? They say we only use a small percentage
of our brain, so why not a large portion contain information that our conscious mind does not have access to.
Do most of our creative ideas come from our subconscious mind, ideas that have been learned by our past generations?

There are Religions that don’t believe in Evolution, however, the above explanation of life is more of a MIRACLE
than any of the Religious teachings. There is scientific proof of evolution where as Religious teachings are based on the ancient word of MAN.

Without a doubt there is a creator (God) that created a system that has allowed such beautiful life forms to evolve.