Ti1C .


The view inside the station at operating position.
Kenwood TS950 and Alpha 87A on right
Kenwood TS850 standby on left

Ti1C is a Costa Rica issued Contest amateur radio callsign.

Ti2CF on the left, W5aj on the right

Picture taken from base of 80 meter yagi tower back toward house
20 meter 6 element at 170 feet on the right.

The tower just left of center sports a six element ten and a six element 15.

Tower is 170 feet tall and about 230 feet back from tower just to right

Looking at work on lower six element ten at about 90 feet up.
In the background on tower about 70 meters (230 feet) back and 240 feet up is the 3 element 80
The 80 yagi boom is 60 feet long
Behind the tower with the 10 meter beam is the 230 foot tower
used to repair director/reflector on the 80 yagi

Looking through the NE 4 element 80 meter quad at the 40 meter Yagi at 240 feet
Taken from base of center tower which has the 3 element 20 at 120 feet

Looking at the 160 vertical dipole array between the two towers on left - pointed north

A shot of the 160 meter dipole between two 240 foot towers.
Looking through a 80M quad which hangs from support rope.

Picture of house. Center tower before the 3 element 20 added at 120 feet.

The array of vertical ropes help support and align the quad elements.
In this picture each rope helps hold a 40 meter quad element (eight elements total) and
every other rope supports a 80 meter quad element ( 4 elements total)
note the set of 8 vertical ropes between the other two towers

All Ti1C qso's for 2006 ARRL DX SSB uploaded to LOTW



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