Setting up Cellphone inside 345 kV tower

Found this crew installing a celltower. The cell pole is being installed into structure supporting a 3 phase 345 kV lines used for generating station interconnect. This connects the Baytown TX plant to Robison station.

This installation is taking place in april 2001.

This picture is taken from nasa one near intersection of Nasa one and HW146 in Seabrook Tx. All pictures taken from north side of nasa one looking south. Yeah the camera has a nice zoom looking at the installer at top.

The smaller structures on right run a 138 kV user system. One on each side of the tower. 3 phase. Small overhead wire is static line. Strange to call them smaller - they're big, too!

Don't try this at home!!

Is this good engineering practice? NOT!


10 meter Stack in 2001

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