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Amateur Radio Klub

Amateur Radio Emergency Nets

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Saturday Monthly Meetings

Starting MARCH 9th, 2024

The 2nd Saturday of each month

Trenton Library at 9:30 AM

We will have Demos and Presentations

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January Survey Results


Forms response chart. Question title: Time of month preference. Number of responses: 9 responses.Forms response chart. Question title: Would you like different time or day for meetings?. Number of responses: 10 responses.

What is your area of interest?

Hf. Digital


Emergency communications

All types of design projects.

HF, mostly SSTV


Mainly building antennas other than that everything ham radio


Antenna Modeling

What would you like to be demonstrated at meetings?

Win link digipeater. Vara

Can't think of anything right now

Whatever you are building.

I like all the demos.

Radio repair

All things that expend knowledge on ham radio mostly building all types of antennas please thank you.

Modeling software



Work on Digipeater


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Bell Repeaters 2 meter and 440 Repeater!

Join us on 147.285 and 443.950

Both + offset and 123 PL tone

Thanks Mike KB4MS

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Antenna Lightning Protector Demo by Mike KD4INH and Curtiss KO4PZE


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