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W3APL is the amateur radio club station of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, MD. The club operates six simultaneous beacon transmitters at the APL site. Beacon transmitters are keyed using a common keyer. Beacons are on 28.296 MHz, 50.064 MHz, 144.296 MHz, 432.317 MHz, 903.056 MHz and 1296.060 MHz. For more information about APL see the JHU/APL site. Look for us on Echolink or on 147.585 simplex.

NOTE: Beacons are occasionally taken off the air for maintenance, for APL planned power outages, or when club operators are working 10 meters.

   Current Station Equipment:
1 Main Transceiver Icom 746PRO
2 Amplifier Elecraft KPA500
3 RF Monitoring via an old but effective SB-610 monitor scope
4 Antennas: inverted vees and a 3 element Steppir with 40 meter dipole kit, mounted on an AB-577 mast
5 Green Heron RT-21 rotator controller
6 WX0B SixPak antenna switching box
7 Microkeyer II Router/Interface
8 Station software includes Ham Radio Deluxe, N1MM, Echolink, and IPSound

  Some W3APL photos:
The W3APL Shack     Steppir Build and Install     Boy Scout Visit     Shack Floor Repair     Old Optibeam     JHU/APL Aerial View

  Latest Club newsletter is here

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Last Updated June 18, 2012