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Note:  Links are listed according their primary topic, and may cover more than one topic.

VARA is not responsible for any site listed here.  They are merely listed as a service to you.
Please notify us if you have any problems with links or with any sites/vendors listed.

NOTICE:  VARA does not appraise equipment, nor do we do repairs.  Please do not e-mail us asking how much your grandmother's Victrola is worth, what year your radio was made, etc.  Please see the listings below for those services.

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Warning:  Many a restorable piece of vintage equipment has been destroyed by well-meaning amateurs who really did not know what they were doing.  Please do not attempt to restore vintage equipment unless you are familiar with restoration techniques or are under the direction of someone skilled in restoration.  If in doubt, seek out a professional restorer for advise or quotations before starting.


Note:  VARA has no affiliation with any vendor listed here, and cannot make any recommendations.  Please contact them directly.


  Gramophones & Records

 Television & TV Cameras


Books, Literature &

For Sale (ads & auctions)

     Gramophones, etc.

RCA Radio, TV, etc.

List of Vintage RCA Military Radios (VARA)


Military Television (VARA)

Radiomarine Corporation of America

  aka RMCA, RCA Radiomarine

78's, Phonographs & Music


Library of Congress
Sound Online Inventory and Catalog (SONIC)

Online Discography Project

Turntables - 78-rpm &
     Noise Reduction

Vacuum Tubes
    RCA Radiotron

RCA SelectaVision VideoDisc
     (Capacitance Electronic Discs)

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