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Victor Amateur Radio Association (VARA)

100th Anniversary Special Operating Event!

The Victor Amateur Radio Association held a Special Operating Event from 23 October to 31 December 2001, to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Communications in Camden, NJ.  Our heritage started with the Victor Talking Machine Company in 1901, and today exists in Camden in its heritage companies L-3 Communications and Lockheed Martin.  The kickoff date of 23 October coincided with a special 100th Anniversary Celebration at the Waterfront Technology Center in the shadow of the famous Victor Nipper Building. 

Unfortunately, antenna problems prevented full participation of VARA in its own celebration!  Nonetheless, we made a few QSO's and our sister clubs did very well, so there's talk of an RCA Reunion event to be held again this year. 

For information on the 100th Anniversary Event, check our Anniversary Special Event Flyer.  See also ARRL's QST announcement.  Please use the Summary Report to apply for a special Certificate or QSL Card.  QSL Cards and Cetificates will be mailed out shortly. 

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History of the Camden, NJ  Plant

Victor Talking Machine Company (VTMC)  --  1901 - 1929
Radio Corporation of America (RCA)  --  1929 - 1986
General Electric Aerospace (GE)  --  1986 - 1993
Martin Marietta Corporation (MMC)  -- 1993 - 1995
Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC)  --  1995 - present (ATL, EPI)
Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC)  --  1995 - 1997 (Communications Systems)
L-3 Communications Corporation (L3C)  --  1997 - present (Communication Systems - East)
"If you don't like the company you're working for, wait another year!"

RCA History(provided by Thomson Consumer Electronics)

Call Signs Used - Past & Present

WA3RCA        NG2R        KB2VBI        W2VTM


Camden, NJ  USA  --  Camden County  --  Grid FM29kw

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