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W2ETI is the Amateur Radio Club Callsign of The SETI League, Inc. This page is a portal into the official SETI League Website.


Are We Alone? It's a fundamental question, which has haunted humankind since first we realized that the points of light in the night sky are other suns. Today we have the technology to seek a definitive answer! The SETI League, Inc. is participatory science. We are the international grass-roots organization dedicated to privatizing the electromagnetic Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Together, over a thousand members in five dozen countries are keeping alive the quest for our cosmic companions. Join Us!

SETI is a science, not simply a screensaver!

The SETI League: since 1994 the leading membership-supported,
non-profit {501(c)(3)}, educational and scientific organization
Searching for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

Home to Project Argus, the ambitious global Microwave SETI project

W2ETI 1296 MHz EME Beacon Antennas
Listen for our Moonbounce Beacon on 1296.000 MHz

Read All About It!   

Money Matters   
Donate Now via PayPal: or via Network for Good:
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Heard So Far   
thumbnail Hydrogen line emission, as observed by a Project Argus station in time domain, frequency domain, waterfall and surface plot. Click on the speaker icon to hear the Song of the Stars. speaker

Operating Awards   
Extra-Terrestrial QSL Card ETCC Honor Roll Extra-Terrestrial Century Club SETI SuperStar Award SETI League Operating Awards

W2ETI 1296 MHz EME signals received at Arecibo - 2001
Our 10-Watt 1296 MHz EME signal as received at Arecibo...

W2ETI 1296 MHz EME signals received at Arecibo - 2003
...and two years later, at the 100 Watt level.

Making Contact   
Postal Address: P.O. Box 555
Little Ferry, NJ
07643 USA
Office Address: 433 Liberty Street
Little Ferry, NJ
07643 USA
Voice:+1(201) 641-1770Fax:+1(201) 641-1771
Brochures: join @ Information: info @
Membership:+1(800) TAU-SETI
{+1(800) 828-7384}
from US & Canada

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